This opinion may be the most extreme on the website Child Shooters YouTube Snuff (18+) 02-07-2024

This opinion may be the most extreme on the website Child Shooters YouTube Snuff (18+)

This is to the mother who was just tried for murder for her child who shot up a school when openly warned of the mental health issues and warnings by the school. The guns are not the issue the person holding the weapon is.

This story or opinion may be the most extreme on the website but hey YouTube hosts snuff documentaries so feel feel to watch them there instead on on our website we would rather not show the shit) Also this is to prove a point not of man the band has been censored and removed banned and more
yet you can watch snuff on you tube what does that tell you? They fucking hate us

but this comes from a uneducated that most will never understand.
while some may see this as abuse we agree and we do not believe this is the correct way to deal with most situation of this manner. But as a group who has grown up watching the very thing
they are aiming for first hand. We have learn by seeing what we do not want to be like or part of and would like to attempt to prevent. ” Yes we all grew up in abuse: Sexual violence, murder, beatings
psychological abuse, homes,  abandonment, neglect, and abuse at the hands of the very people in government who promised to protect us. Did nothing to help and made life worse for all of us.

These issues are personal expriences and do not account the vast intreractions others have had.
one we understand this. ( our lives have all been situational ) We support police and governemnt
who follow the law and constitution.  (This is to hopefully how that we do not play victim and that we can see past the BS in our pasts) But we are a mix a races and religions and this is not just a singular issue for and race

The do not agree that call of duty or any shooting video game causes or puts ideas into these childrens minds. You need to understand these ideas and thoughts intrude their every moment. (they are having mental health issues ) and that is absolutely no excuse for their actions and if they follow through we do not believe it should be allowed to be used as a reason.  None of our team 1000’s+ from around the world have done anything like this and we are all members of society in which look to help not harm.

(you would have to explain why we chose not to do these things when our lives have been worse then the school shooters)

The point is its a choice. It could be to scarred to kill themself or they feel others need to feel the pain they do in order to have them all understand. or they are in a psycotic mind state and the world is like a dreamscape and nothing is right or feels real. (this is when they have reach the level of disociation caused by so much trama they shut down like a sex worker (this is not to be negitive to those in that perfession they are people who have been tramatized or have mental health issues in which they rely on that job to self medicate becuase they know nothing that what they are taught.

This is on the parents you are the ones who raise your children
you are the ones who teach them to either hate or love
you are the abuser or person they rely on.
you are the observer and the Dr
you may not have the understanding of a doctor
but its very easy to tell when something is wrong with your child if you care for them and look out for their best interest. If you find the actions they have taken to be a surprise. Its literally the lack of parenting and love you have shown. YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR CHILD.

4. For you Kids who are living in this place, these are moments that do not last forever
and think of yourself of a powerful being: YOU have gone through these things and you either let them brake you or you can stand up and face them and be better than what you are taught.
This does not mean violence this means learn to empower your brain
recognize an abuser and someone who does not have your best interest in their mind.
(for abused children this is easy they can read people better than most which is why they know how to target people who they turn criminal) once you are the victim you can see the victims.

this is the one we feel will offend many and we do not care ( we lived this world most of you have no clue what the real world looks like. ) The kids who have these thoughts need to be shown the after affects and the actual real time effects of the violence they are wanting to create.

Seeing death and murder first hand is nothing like a so called video game, movies are closer to reality
those cloest we have ever seen to reality in movies is “brawl in cell block 99” Saving private ryan and war moveies as they are showing the horror of real live violence. it stains your mind and never leaves you.

So the idea is to in some way scare them strait

 We all can tell you would have members who should have grown up to be a serial killers. Saw the reality of the violence at a early age and used it as a tool to understand the world and see that is not how to solve probelms ( Examples, Snuff films: woman being rapes and her leg cut off at the same time, Mexican cartel videos if dismemberment of entire families and put into those lovely blue barrels then burried in mexico, two kids stabbing a man and beating him with a hammer because they thought it would be fun. Nick berg and every beheading video from afganistan. bug dwyer on tv in the 80’s)  

We also believe some people are born bad and that showing them this will not help but in fact make it worse. So our choice is been a catch 22 for us we want the world and the kids who have no idea what violence is to see it show they can be horrified and think maybe i should do something besides hurt people. Because not only do the victims end up that way so does kid. So in a way is a scared strait like those prison shows.  

7. it will have an age warning and it will come with a disclaimer
we want the parents to be able to judge because parents are what these kids needed.
and idealizing murder and violence against small kids or helpless targets is inhuman.
if you would like to try on your own without our website faces of death is a good place to start
as the internet has made most snuff sites dark web.

Goregasum strangeland2.0 and 30 no longer seem to exist


Not of Man