Smash and Grab idiots will be shot dead. Joshua Simmons, 36

The people have had enough and your little bitch ass way of running in grabbing all you can and creating a terrorist state what does America do to terrorists we put hole in their heads. America This is about to come to an end. If the police and the state government wont do anything about this. As for the new bill Newsom is trying to pass to give himself a platform to run for office it too little to late you did this to California and George Gascón and Karen Bass are all to blame. So remember who has ruined your state californians

that stick should have been a blade good on this family!

36 year old Joshua Simmons is his age and name. Now if you don’t like it being known and public like this maybe you should have thought about that before robbing and pointing a gun at a kid. Fat fuck pussy bitch. we know you everyone knows you and how you will be caught at some point. hope we see more of this defensiveness as this fat ass is a terrorist so we can end this bullshit. Hit us up we would love to bring you in.


So logically one of you will be killed at some point and we hope that all stores will now carry weapons and shoot these fucks. As this is terrorism, threatening, removing peoples livelihood when they go for family owned businesses, they do injure people they do threaten them and get uber drivers to be their accomplices.

In the end we will see a wild west because the lack of any ability to stop this karen bass is a useless and is part of the problem as well as gavin newsom and many more. So remember when someone is killed its not the fault of the shooter its the fault of the people who allow this shit to keep happening.

hurt them to the point they are scared to keep coming into stores get magnetized locks and lock them in.
pull out shotguns and understand at some point they will be shooting back but they will be thinking twice if they know they will die for doing something as stupid as this.

We do not condone violence but you are leaving the people no choice but to take the law into their own hands. Dear government if you did want this to happen you could have stopped it. Just another thing to point to gavin newsom as a failure and non presidential material as he endorses crime and violence across CA and does so under the guise of diversity and equity

Not of Man