Spars Pandemic, Crimson Contagion, Event 201, Rockefeller Foundation – Lockstep, Dark Winter, Clade-X , Disease X, Catastrophic Contagion Event 202

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Your Number one censors

The Month before the pandemic started in china (Nov 22 2019) Event 201. It is broken down into 15 min segments as almost 4 hours of speaking can become painful. You can always come back and find your spot. This is for educational historical and research purposes. With that said you can decide the truth for yourself.

Bill gates foundation for population control . depopulation video
CNN Owner Ted Turner wanted to kill your children so his animals can run free. Another open depopulation fuck hole

Catastrophic Contagion Event 202
Dark Winter war game 2001

Clade X

Clade X 1
Clade X 2
Clade X 3
Clade X 4

follow the time line see if it lines up
Crimson Contagion on 60 mins
Disinformation Board

Not of Man