Half of Vaccinated will not stop producing spike protein from COVID 19 Death shot Just say no to updated boosters.

You killed not of mans family we watched it first hand no one @ not of man will bow to any of the government liars.

You murdered their family you can now deal with the Devils. (devil is used as a terminology for darkness, a understanding of the world on a level the normal Civilians will never see. ) Once you have seen it it never leaves.

This is the most evil thing we have ever seen put on any group of people as this affects all of the world and their lies are the cause.

Just say No ! to forced vaccines and manipulations by the news media to take untested vaccines for the September run on the updated versions for the new variant Ba.2.86

the study from 2012 explaining this vaccine will fucking kill you!!!!

Half of Vaccinated will not stop producing spike protein from COVID 19 Death shot.

Rueters Fact check is 100% lie also they include a massive conflict of interest

So as you can read they say they spoke to someone who obviously was on the pay roll here are the side effects of the first edition of the vaccine and also the side effects to look out for in your own life

Here are some of the biggest lies the American public has been told as you can see they are not safe they knew the side effects and are now acting as if this information is new to them. This is a fraud on the entire world.

https://openvaers.com/covid-data see the rates and more

Pay attention to the bottom two line graphs what it is showing you is that as they vaccinated, the rates of deaths and reports went up. As people stopped taking the vaccine they had less side effects and deaths.

Now that this data is before the next round of COVID in Sept 2023 we can go back in time and look to see if the same effects are happening with the new iteration of the mRNA death shot

Not of Man