6-14-23 Not of Man predicts The next step is to eliminate cash entirely and create 15 min cities.

You may not hear of them yet, but soon you will and remember our warning.

keep this and the date and watch as this gets pushed for safety reasons.
1 could be theft or robbers it can stop them from obtaining or trying to steal money.
2. so every and all transactions are monitored and can be recalled at a moments notice if any issues arise.
3. The Social credit score system is already in play in the U.S. In china if you are fined they have the ability to pull your funds directly without consent.

15 min cities
1. everything you need will be 15 mins away no longer.
2. this is to control movement in the future.
3. the creates blocks without people noticing as as time progresses and the
rules tighten they can now give permits to leave your 15 mins city as
why would you need to go anywhere expect vacation if its all 15 mins away.
4. This is how you create your own prison

Not of Man