COVID 19 Vaccine Side Effects page 1

Covid 19 Vaccine Side Effects page 1
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Vaccine Injury Compilation Video / Intro to this page
2022 vaccine injury hearing summary everything we have said since 2019 is now proved in this single video

Our own reporters have had family members injured and killed 1 had a heart attack and the other had stage 4 cancer. Pass over the new year leaving them broken for the holidays

the real censored number of deaths and what side effects from the vaccines killed them VigiAccess / Open vaers project

propaganda from two idiots
Bitch, you look stupid, should have shut the fuck up!

Juvenile are exactly that two idiots you should never listen to. What education do they have in this subject 0 so why the hell are they trying to sell you a vaccine ?????? Whores for money we should parody this shit so hard. Those rapping skills absolutely killed GUYS!

More Vaccine propaganda

The Prep Act will be changed soon. Due to the millions injured its also documented by johns Hopkins university in their spars 2025-2028 pandemic war game. if you would like to read that in full please go to the PDF page
the swine flu vaccine fraud of 1976

Everyone who has a vaccine side effect should sue This crappy rapper over helping violate human rights and the Nuremberg code

Vaccine Propaganda 2
No Vaccine Is FDA Approved in the US.
Pharmacist quits like a boss explaining Ive seen customers die from the vaccine i quit

now onto the blank vaccine inserts

Kary Mullis Inventor or the PCR test explains that its never intended to be used to diagnose illness, He has openly criticized Fauci for being a fraud and liar

Kary Mullis on Fauci
Censored and Hidden Vaccine injury testimony the audio is clean video had to be compressed

Tiffany Dover video full drop

This is an update for Tiffany Dover while many believed her to be dead 2 years later she steps out of the shadows to say conspiracy theorists ruined her life. When in fact getting the shot being on TV and dropping did that. The twisting of all of this is that people actually cared for her health why would they threaten her (just stupid this is typical media hype why didn’t they show the messages does she have open court cases against any of these people all public information) We cared she was hurt. the truth was all that mattered to us and now 2 years later we get a bs story about why she hid

The company did not want you to speak out since it would look terrible for them AND THE VACCINE companies so they needed to keep her away and out of the spotlight and then use her to say look conspiracy theory. Fact she got the jab passed out and has not been heard from in over two years. wonder what took so long.

DMX Died from the vaccine
The Vaccine does contain Sm 102
If you have a virus you have no need for a vaccine
Not of Man