LD 3.0 we will never comply with forced coercion or threats. Our rights will not be violated Covid 2023

Started 9-2-2023 updated 9-11-2023

Lock down 2.0 we will never comply with forced coercion or threats. Our rights will not be violated, criminal murdering fucks!

Just like the last election, we are seeing the same signs of a lock down 2.0 coming and using COVID as a way to keep people home and force more unauthorized vaccines on the American public. This is going to be fun election to watch as we are close to promising that you are going to see all of COVID fears being pushed for control and election fairness (mail in ballots are voter fraud & ballot harvesting)

we will not listen to any mandates or rules created that violate our human rights constitution or our ability to live freely which is allotted to all Americans through the constitution and our personal pursuit of happiness if that mean we want to get COVID and die. We should be able to do so without you saying a fucking thing as it is our rights as Americans.

Here you can hear her slip up and stutter she gives you advanced information that in sept the new vaccine roll out will be headed our way now we will assume with posts like this we will be locked down again.

Our warning

1 informed consent asked for all information on the new vaccine before the shot do not sign a fucking thing until after you get to read all the safety studies. ) they will not have them they will give you a fact sheet. Pay attention as this is not informed consent this is a criminal act of bait and switch. once that document is signed they are now protected against any form of responsibility if you are harmed so you should know what you are risking before you take a test jab.

2. Do not listen to anyone tell you to just do it because its best to protect yourself and your kids / neighbors (coercion using guilt to get you to take a shot) if this god damn vaccine worked and didn’t kill people like not of mans family we would not be against it. Pfizer Moderna have been dishonest will all of you and cannot be trusted in anyway.

3. we have seen what this god damn thing does first hand more than once. We also have a vaccine side effects page.. So you can see yourself including the documents hidden from the public and the media hid

4. pay attention this time to the fact they are asking all of you to go to areas to be tested and during delta the most infectious version they told all of you to stand shoulder to shoulder in lines to be tested. now it will be at home kits that contain poison in the test kits themself.

5. because something is EUA authorized does not mean it will work as claimed in anyway.
as they are testing these out on you as you read this. In fact the final data for pfizers safety studies was not to be released until 2076 so most of you will be dead by then. They also gamed the trials and lied about the data.

6. this election will be the most corrupt in the history of the united states as both sides cannot deal with loss and act like children so expect tool to be used to manipulate the public in the believing in one thing.

Think for yourself

FDA lied to you Rochelle Walensky is a liar and fraud as well as a murderer. She overrides the vote of 16 no’s to 2 yes’s for the onset of boosters.

If you notice everyone who had started the COVID vaccines and information are now retired. Because in the end they do not want to be held accountable to bad history will be remembering them very clearly as they were liars frauds and murderers.

Caymen Chemicals ran a fraud on the public as well and changed the data for the ingredients in the vaccines

Now the changed fraudulent document

The media lied to all of the world.
What they did,
yes they did.
Thats FOX, CNN, MSNBC and all local media channels one of the worst is the cable companies news channels spectrum news was one of the most dishonest news networks we have watched.
why wouldn’t they not warn you of these horrifying side effects ?

on page 16 you can read all the side effects that are now showing up and they are acting as if they never knew about them. Sadly you can see below as of oct 30 2020 they knew all of it and every news media company lied manipulated and used propaganda to get you to take a deadly vaccine.

Now you can watch the FDA in their meeting skip over all the side effects so the audience cannot see.
Take from the CBER oct 30 2020 meeting

Now the document go to page 16

we will not stand for it. You will not be force vaccinated ( Nuremberg code) you have no right to stomp on the rights of all Americans because you want to push fear and make more cash off this new untested booster. Gates has made millions off you

Show us the data the safety studies and placebo tests we will try to find them or get a whistleblower but the new world or vaccines over medication has stated and fear will be the trigger and the gene altering jabs will be the bullet to get rid of idiots.

All the videos they really do not want you to see. Used with permission of project veritas
This lying fuck can suck a dick and go die
Vaccine side effects

We are the gods of our own world and you can go fuck yourself before you even start. you will never stop what you cannot understand. We want you all exposed and in prison for your criminal actions

Not of Man / The Watchers: US / Worldwide HI C.I.A and F.B.I you really think we couldn’t see that you were in our systems notice we never gave a flying fuck. WE are not scared of truth

Not of Man