YouTube / Google / Alphabet.Inc Exposed : All Chapters 1 – 8. Updated 2/27/2023

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These are the full chapters of our YouTube saga and they will be edited and cleaned up. This was created because our first story had all of these elements in it and it became extremely long to load all the information. This has been years of our lives learning from insiders and the whistleblower exactly how YouTube and Google work and how to expose what they have done. We never wanted the band to be part of these stories but as our news stories released we had been notified of the censorship, throttling, shadow ban and the blacklist pf the band. We had started to keep records years back we noticed they were even removing likes and plays. Just like they did with joe Biden and his YouTube channel which is why the dislike button no longer carries a number. Here is the video proof. There will be much more to come.

Look at the dates and the follow the changes in likes and dislikes. They are mathematically impossible.
Not of Man