Anthony Fauci

started feb 2020

Anthony Fauci Records / papers

Date of creation Nov 2019 date of tracking 1980 – current we were notified about the release before Nov 2019 and were able to warn enough people to have them see we don’t give them disinfo

Fauci No need for a vaccine if you have a virus

Human rights violator, murderer, fraud, and Nuremberg code violator – He needs to be arrested now but it will expose the fraud and suffering for no reason you have been through over the last 2 years

Fauci emails

Fauci Gain of functions studies through eco health alliance with peter daszak

Masks Cause Bacterial Pneumonia 2008 @Fauci paper hidden from public
he openly states the gain of function studies that happened in Wuhan are worth the risk of releasing a pandemic
Payment records from @Fauci to @Peter Daszak to Wuhan for the gain of function studies
2004 natural immunity seemed to be just fine for fauci
Rand Paul rips Fauci. we back what rand paul is saying, with all the documents that’s show in 2012 they knew vaccinating against any form of sar cov would cause massive health issues and kill from cancers of the lung breast brain also including blood clots and neurological disorders and Fauci lies about all of it below will be the fda list of complete side effects hidden from the public and known since Oct 30 2020
Literally says he got the vaccine from China…. How and why
In this video from 2017 he states the trump administration will be facing a virus unlike any before
Peter Daszak Explains how to create Covid 19
from start to finish vaccine failure and @Fauci lies
Project defuse pentagon confirms Fauci approached them with covid before the pandemic and was told no and went through with it anyways
Kary Mullis PCR test inventor and worked with Fauci in the 80s aids crisis flat out calls him a fraud and yes man
same old behavior since the 80’s aids pandemic in which his in action killed more than needed
Not of Man