Youtube ch14 censorship of music! because of a link to the website. Like any company does ??????

You can see hear and read what needed to be censored in an instrumental song. LOL
this was done to block uploads for the new album

Video evidence and more will be exposed in the days to comes for the time being enjoy the vacation what we are told is we are insightful (as in education)

well we are glad we can educate you as we do not endorse violence and we use words to express anger frustration and sadness also issues we have with the system and big tech, because they affect our daily lives. All we want is everyone to be able to get and see the same things we do and hopefully understand why we have such a strong position.

We never have and never will endorse violence and any done in our name is not our problem we have openly stated for years and to be labeled as hate a group who wants to create violence is an outright lie and defamation.

We literally exposed a Nazi group who sent death threats to us

Lying hate group that dis likes anyone who does not see the world they choose to see it and if you do not you are punished silence censored and hidden away.

23bsda2 team enjoy your time off we will expose them for what they are now.
Leave it to us to expose youtube

Not of Man