Free speech Vs Joe Biden, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, & Search engines updated 03-22-2024

We would like to ask what mis-information have we given on this page and ask yourself why would this be censored. All documents can be fact checked and everything stated is 100% fact and can be proven a million fold over. Welcome to 1984

Big Tech The Spy ( Dr Scott J White director of the George Washington university Cyber security ) explains in detail how you are spied on daily by your phone and big tech

Update. Its been almost two years and the public is just now being notified of this. funny how the lie is hidden by the media then its reported on as it is happening and you have no ability to voice opinions and argue the first amendment was made to protect us from them and their lies not to save you from misinformation. So instead of truth they want safety.

That’s them protecting themselves not you
This has been done to this website and not of man the band for years now and the public is only being notified today 03-18-2024 after years of censorship. Below is a video of joe biden telling them on television to censor videos they do not like or agree with.

( We also would like to note that website ranking on stories is now being monitored and ranked based on key words being used and gives a number rating as you type information they do not like the number goes down and if you remove it the number goes up. )

Started 06 2022

Joe biden claims to be an advocate of free speech but he removed it by working with tech companies in order to censor the legal documents and information on this site that directly proves he has lied and openly done with with him own D.O.D Project Salus, and the Documents from the fda on oct 30 2020 fda cber Steven Anderson which shows all known side effect of the Mrna vaccine. This site and the not of man band have been censored by big tech the biden administration and more.

Not because we have lied to you but because we give you the information and the documents to back up what is said and what they are not saying. They will try to fight this in court but this is a constitutional violation and was the second they implemented it and this shows that they while not agreeing with you will silence you if you do not go along with their story and statements. ( ESP IF YOU CAN SHOW THEM LYING) So this literally proves everything we have said over and over on this site about censorship in amerikkka now

Biden openly telling social media and web hosts to censor content.

The constitution is always changing slightly.

The fda in the cber meeting skips over the vaccine side effects. And below on page 16 you will see what he tried to hide and joe biden told all of you was and we quote “safe and effective and if you took it you are not going to get sick”

Not of Man