Goodbye to an old friend

Goodbye old friend

Heard the news today and was stopped in place.
Not sure how the world will be without you in it.
your kindness and the fact you were a gentle giant
was beyond a fond memory that will never leave my mind.

You saved lives for a living, you put your life last.
you are a hero. Always were in my eyes. So is she,
the years you were kind enough to let this strange kid
around and treat him as family. I am beyond thankful for.

The welcoming arms and your hugs I remember. (I can still feel them you always have the best hugs)
I’m sorry to had you go, I don’t believe it was an easy choice.
I know living in pain, I know suffering.
So I cant imagine how hard this was for you.
after you lose the use of your body in ways
the pain and anger can become too much.
I know little but enough to get an idea of why.

goodbye old friend you will be forever loved
the world is a darker place without you in it.
I don’t understand why we lose good people
while the terrible live on.

I love you, goodbye D.
– Not of Man Singer

may you no longer be in pain

Not of Man