We have yet to log in but we wanted them to censor this document so we could prove to you yet again anything with accurate information from the very source will be hidden removed and censored.
The Watcher report video of the Vigi access adverse reactions was censored again because we had them explain that the listed affects in this world health organization document show that the vaccine can and does lead to cancer. we have yet to have the us team sign in and record the censorship but it will be done asap and placed here for you to see yet again YouTube is a liar

(have we now gotten access to the video we knew would pop up once the account was signed into)

Seems it has been added back after that.

That means that is fact checked and accurate as they have now allowed it due to it being the actual information from the world health organization Seems truth prevails over all. We don’t have a need to make it up. our job is to expose you and you do that just fine on your own.

This is an actual search from march 23 2021 and over 2 million side effects reports.

They are moving to push the pandemic treaty to full effect soon that will be added to the story at a later date at this point we will show you the upload then that the video is not there and the login and removal from the very source we got it from. THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

Below the side effects are the informational documents on a few of them listed here leukopinea a blood disorder which leads to cancer is a known adverse reaction to the COVID 19 vaccine. This is why we have tried to give documents and more evidence. YouTube has censored and lied about the cancer rise in the world. They have gone as far to put in their terms of service what you can and cannot say about cancer and to prove it. You can clearly see the effects and that they lead to cancer. Just like in not of mans family
yet they will censor this from you as it is valid and easily searchable factual information that YouTube again has chosen to censor from the public and remove informed consent why you ask. Because if you know the effects you wont take the jab

YouTube is the most fraudulent company in the world.

We would welcome them to challenge us to prove it.
Our US upload teams did this as a test the video should be the first on the list and it is missing which is letting us know they have censored this already. So we will show it being removed by the world health organization as medical misinformation yet it comes from them directly.

As you can see google censors the patient information and we have to prove they did it in order to just inform the public. Explain why it is so hard to give real documents to the people.

We forgot susan

YouTube CEO Susan the 1st amendment violator. Disgusting human being

Notice they seem to line up perfectly to find this document on your own search the title and author

The department of defenses document showing Anti body dependent enhancement disease in older vaccinated with no change in infection rates

You can see the side effects were known and censored from the public on a massive scale
The vaccine makers are still studying the effects of the vaccine and will not have full reports on the scale and vastness of all effects until 2076 when all of you are dead. Sound like a good way to ensure we should trust you.

Due to little Maddie we were able to get a document of the reported adverse events and again they have stated its not the side effects but its just reports they have gotten.

Before and after the vaccine trials Maddies entire life has been turned upside down and you have been censored from hearing her story. Along with Not of Man’s Families death from this vaccine.

This is Maddie after the vaccine trial.

Tier 1 Athlete with Myocarditis from the vaccine

Its seems they would rather see you die then give you the facts and truth.

They are guilty of Nuremberg code violations as they are keeping informed consent from the entire world.

Why are you censoring truthful factual information because you are frauds and liars

Not of Man