Google Hit By EU for for anti trust violations. in total 5 billion in fines

They censored not of man and all of their musicians and now you have a document to back up that they purposely do this in order to control the content that can be seen and used for a company as in musicians trying to release music but their channels are hidden and censored over the stories we expose like this one. This is not misinformation this is real. We have been screaming and pointing this out for years now

Google using its algorithms and A.I on companies and businesses they do not like. They biggest question we have now, is if the E.U will stand up to them why cant the American government…… well, google works direct with them.

So the Violations and the monopoly they have over the world can keep going. (they work with them So everything you see on TV over rights and anti trust is bullshit. They work directly with the united states government and even invest in virology testing with the NIH CDC Fauci and Peter Daszak The very people who made COVID 19 ) Remember the fake Facebook whistleblower. They all have shows to put on to convince you of something they really don’t give a fuck about

That headline in from the daily mail Uk.

Not of Man