The history of the covid 19 mask, No mask, Double, Triple & Quad masking. (Fact check us)

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Fauci and world health say No need for masks

The best way to see how unsafe the masks are. is put an o2 meter under your mask. if you have anyone you know who works for an auto parts store or on cars they will usually have one. put on a mask and see how safe the levels are. then put the second mask on and see that you are now suffocating your brain of oxygen and then go for the big boy the 3 or 4 the see that you might as well be sucking down gas fumes because your brain is now deprived of oxygen

Wait you don’t remember you were to wear up to 3 at a time? You don’t you remember that ? that’s normal its because the change information and the news stories so fast you have no time to focus on one at a time or even research. Unless you have a team who keeps historical records of everything

Another fun test to do on all the masks they have you wear is if you know someone who smokes have them wear each type of mask and inhale the smoke then exhale with the mask on and see how protected everyone really is. You will see beautiful clouds of smoke all around them show that the air is always being released and regardless of mask it still is smaller than the pores of goes through

Remember when they all told you to stand shoulder to shoulder in line and said get tested for the delta variant which was supposed to be far more contagious than the other 2 previous viruses.
You all lined up to get covid not a test how could none of you see that.

The history of the covid 19 mask, No mask, Double, Triple & Quad masking.

let us keep history in tact for you.

Now Double that mask
Now 3 and 4 masks ?
Painter shows you that your masks even double layered do not protect you as even the thickness of pain still goes through the small holes in the mask
Dr Fauci’s 2008 paper that the masks caused bacterial pneumonia in the Spanish flu from the build up of bacteria on them.

Reshaping Society in the image of the elites——————————————————————————-

If we can show you these morons in the media have no actual idea what they are talking about and just reading a wonderful little script to brain wash you over time. ( That’s the effect when you have a repetition of words placed in your mind. ) Mask….Mask….Mask…. Well why did Obama not need to have everyone wearing a face mask at the party ? we would love to know the rate of illness from the party.
most wont have this video. But here is the obama birthday party VIDEO and NONE of them are wearing masks. Dont forget to look at the date. You in america had been locked in your prisons by now

The Obama Birthday Party to a NOM track

As you can clearly see they had no care in the world.

Lets go back to that very date and see what news papers were saying…..

People at cnn being fired for showing up to work unvaccinated crazy……
How many of you had this choice to make without being allowed a choice
work be homeless or take a vaccine,
wear a mask longer than 2 hours get an untested vaccine they are testing on you now. or be fired.
Regardless of the health risks to you and your family because we (Corporations) do not want to liable for you getting ill.

how many received tickets or were arrested for being out around the world not just the USA
This is a sign of slavery just like the vaccine is. Below you can see that a illegal mandate was put into effect with a EUA authorized vaccine and they forced you to take it to see a concert. No wonder the drummer died its called karma foo fighters. You allowed this to be done to the people and you played into it. Not to be helpful but because you were told to this concert this way and you went along with all of it.

They use celebrities constantly to convince you to be part of the cure the solution or some shit. But what if the truth was they used them in order to control how you view and react to situations. Even lied about them taking vaccines

The Swine Flu Fraud of 1976

Operation mocking bird—————————————————————————————————————–

Hearing on the mocking birds
So This is called operation mocking bird. You can clearly see what they are doing now that it’s been explained. They have no thoughts or reports only what they are told to report to you. Otherwise how do you explain this and the one below it.
Operation mocking bird video 2
Not of Man