The Anti Vaxers (Feat: Joe Biden & Pfizer Ceo Albert Bourla) New track for Sept 11 2023.

Not of Mans tracks like this are for educational purposes but are also a message to the very powers that be. They have some wonderful things in store to expose and educate the world.
We stand with not of man in their protest against the united states government forced vaccines and lock downs. Just Say NO! Their shows will go on even if the lock downs start up. A tip for lock downs LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME! They cannot track you. Apple and Google worked together during 1.0 and added an app to your phone that tracked you even if it was off. ( GOOGLE IT LOL )

This track features Joe Biden openly giving you reasons why you should not get vaccinated & Pfizer CEO Admitting His Vaccine does not work. This track will be censored beyond words. Also We can see that the censorship of our website started this week! Share with anyone you can the new vaccine will be coming soon untested and a new version which means a new emergency use authorization and them lying and just saying authorized. Get your Informed Consent or end up dead like NOM’s family member’s


welcome everyone the carnival of horrors
over here we have twitching and convulsions
neurological disorders parallelization
Numbness and tingling
Myocarditis and much more
don’t forget your jab
before you go through the door.

Welcome to the bulb that they wanna sell yall
its called a jab in the arm and your gonna fucking fall
guess what you would fall from fool
its called a spike protein in your body oooo

This is what fucking they gave to you
when they said it was to save society, BOO! (Trick or treat)
well now everybody’s startin to get sick
they fall over and start twitchin and shit.

That’s something they never really told you
since Oct 30 2020 fool
They knew all the side effects for this
and they never said one fuckin thing about it
So now you’re gonna get mad at me for our fact’s
well guess what mother fucker you can suck on my sack
I don’t give a shit and i hope you understand
that goes for the whole plan

(Joe Biden)
Its not likely to go through all the tests and trials that are needed to be done.
When we god willing finally do get a vaccine who’s gonna take the shot
are you going to be the first one to say sign me up they now say it’s OK.
We’ve got to make it available to experts all over the nation so they can see.

There’s this thing called informed consent
its got a little thing called a document
with all the side effects & the studies too
Then you’re supposed to sign the document fool

But if you don’t read it and you don’t understand
Their gonna get you to sign part of the plan.
Now you’re gonna get stuck in a system
where they don’t tell ya shit and your gonna be missing (Info)
why wont they tell you the side effects yall
well maybe that’s because they hide it from y’all.
they didn’t want you to know the information
because if you did you wouldn’t get the jab for the nation
You look at them in the fuckin face
and say, I taken this shit
Bitch run a place ( in fear because we know )
I don’t give a fuck what you say to me
because I can see this is clearly poison B ( Biden & Bourla )

(Pfizer Ceo: Albert Bourla)
The two doses offer little protection if any
the three doses with the booster
they offer reasonable protection
against hospitalization and deaths
and umm that i think is very good. (What you think and what is are very different)
and less protection from infection ( SO THE VACCINE IS USELESS)

if you would like to know all the side effects of the covid 19 vaccine
search in any search engine
steve anderson oct 30 cber fda
hit enter and go to page 16
all listed side effects from 2020

That is informed consent
This is not ( a Fact sheet is not the vaccine insert)
ASK FOR THE INSERT if they do not have the placebo studies or trails do not take the shot and DO NOT SIGN THE PAPER DOCUMENT IT AND CALL A LAWYER as this is a violation of the Nuremberg code.

Not of Man