Classified Documents Discovered at Locations Including the Penn Biden Center and the Delaware Private Residence of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Video and PDF (Download) 2-9-24

the president comes out on tv and explains that he has done nothing wrong
as you read the documents you see that he did do something wrong no matter what he says he cant remember most of his vice presidency. When you speak to someone with failing mental faculties about losing them they get mad and explain they are fine and can do everything exactly the same.

while we do not agree with everything Biden Does we find this is elderly abuse and should be addressed.
He is having these issues and they are very obvious to anyone who watches him long enough and its part of the reason the hide him away and only let him out in small doses. This is not what a leader looks or sounds like and this is not to be a jab at him this is really a fact that he seems to need help and they cannot stop using him as a Manchurian candidate

in the same video he goes on to explain he was working with world leaders to arm Israel against their enemies and he says this is his theory and nothing more but that is what lead to the attack on OCT 7 2023

his comment if true means he is the reason Israel was attacked by taking the very steps he is speaking on.

listen to him divert attention from himself and direct everything to trump he does on to explain what he did is not the same yet he would have been charged if not for his loss of memory. Which is information he openly omitted / lied to the public about in order to not look bad. This is what he does daily

The fact he cannot be charges due to his dementia is beyond moronic. If you commit a crime and suddenly cant remember it due to a medical condition. You would still be charged this is the very thing Hillary did and trump and yet they want to hammer trump into a wall. This is hypocrisy and psychological manipulation of the public’s understanding of the reality we live in we by not being truthful you have altered the world for everyone over time.

From covid to global warming and electric cars to getting rid of oil. You have not made life better you have over complicated it with a word called progress ( progress is nothing more than additives to each and every aspect of life ) making life and choices difficult because there is no truth from both sides

Not of Man