censorship 100% proof.

Not of Man’s Songcast Music Account.

Below is a direct message to big tech and governments who think censoring us will stop us. We are world wide with an untold number of faceless reporters who will easily decimate all information world wide. With documentation to prove what you have all done to the public Not of man and our reporters we will never back down or run. Either learn that censorship boosts popularity as people want to see why you wont let them see us or our information. So in the end this is the greatest advertisement campaign run by big tech and the government for a band and new reporters as this directly shows they fear you understanding truth

Anti Trust, Censorship, Attacks Against Not of Man by censorship 100% proof. (censorship fraud and data manipulation by big tech they will show your children snuff films before not of man’s music)

censorship of not of man and how it was done.

As you can see the only way to find the site or music was either to know the website by heart or the way to properly find the music and as you can see songcastmusic had almost nothing compared to our own sales searches and plays yet they were the distribution company for not of man records and as you see from our site the lied and helped with the censorship of not of man’s music and art whenever the band raise the issue songcast ignored them and refused to explain why but openly lied and to this day is stealing from the band.

if you would like the biggest amount of proof of censorship we can offer. What if we told you youtube would rather you watch snuff and murder on their platform than find not of man. Sound crazy
here is how easy it is to find faces of death VS Not of Man

Your children can watch these on any platform they have all they need to do is give an age over 18 and they are able to watch all of this. So its better to expose your children to murder and violence than get music from a band they absolutely hate

Now what its like looking for not of man on youtube

This album was to be removed by in Feb 2023 due to the fact they altered the album title and the track titles without consent. They were not id tagging and claiming not of man or their artists tracks. Once this was made known they fixed it and the removed it as you can see below from 2021 in writing offered to monetize not of man’s you tube channel and they then stopped doing it randomly. So as a musician you cannot make music from your own channel ? how is that possible esp after they told us they would monetize the not of man channel

Not of man records wanted to test the promotional aspects of songcast and were told that they chose the songs they have played in the radio spot the songs that were chosen were
Build back better / the Great Reset (wake Up) and C.I.A Network News. In the end they chose to use a song they had no rights to use and then chose a song from an album released years back. The idea was to have the new tracks played just like any musician and yet this was the end result. This was not what we paid for and it end up being refunded after the band expressed there displeasure.

Go Daddy Whistle Blower tech support Explains google and Vimeo are censoring not of mans videos and music 100% proof,,,,,,
Censors Musicians the very same way

Google Whistleblower explains how to see and test if you are censored 100% proof of YouTube and censorship of musicians they do not like. Notice google trends information has been altered in the video below.

Google Trends information altered by google evidence in above video censorship censorship you can see a ten year old album with 0 plays

Bing censorship

Yahoo censorship

Duck duck go censorship

Not of Man