Not of Man VS YouTube & Google fraud, data manipulation, theft, and hate for the Gay community.

Not of Man records is a non discriminatory label we don’t care what you are or your belief or political affiliation we look for unheard of strange and very talented musicians. We don’t show faces typically because we ask all the music be judged on the musical content.

YouTube since 2019 has gone out of their way to make sure that not of man and their artists are not found and are shadowed as well as censored. We have seen them remove plays from songs. Leave plays at a single number for months even though we have proof of the tracks being played.

we have had enough of this and we are going to expose their hate to people they claim to protect and show you exactly how they have Violated Anti trust laws in America and done so with malice and hate.

a few of our censored artists are in the gay community and as rule we never make this an issue bring it up at all publicly as that is part of their personal lives. But we have had enough of the censorship and attacks, on the labels musicians because you hate the website and you know nothing about any of the bands or even the writers of the website. If you have such an issue with all of this Google and YouTube. Maybe you fucking morons shouldn’t do it in the first place

When you see the playlist below understand that YouTube has hidden this video and did so without notification the video just vanished from the playlist but it does show it has been removed or is hidden.
No one has removed that video ever. It serves as evidence.

We believe what you like and sleep with should not make you any different than the person next to you. To Label yourself by who you sleep with is not something they brag about nor did they even let anyone know because special treatment over who you sleep with is discriminatory to others. Why in the hell does everyone in the world think that making a label over your head with what you like to sleep with defines you as a human. When in reality its the actions you take people should be judging not a flag or a letter over your name.

The fact they protect these groups and have no idea that some of them are the very people being attacked by YouTube. Because YouTube Does not like The Watchers (us the writers) and our news stories.

When you see the playlist below understand that YouTube has hidden this video and did so without notification the video just vanished from the playlist but it does show it has been removed or is hidden.
No one has removed that video ever. Why are you hiding this from the public

The GIFCT is the unelected corporate world leaders censoring and removing content the don’t like by labeling it extremest or terrorist. AGAIN REMEMBER THEY HIDE THIS FROM YOU. why??????

Little fucks have an issue with groups that are non violent and disagree with while labeling them extremest. Or is it we have all your information to prove what you have done to all of us over the years.

We have the screenshots to show the video was there and then the removal. If anything this falls under fair use for educational purposes which was the intention of it in the first place. So again YouTube removes legally protected content in order to save the obvious agenda driven group.

These are censored unless you know how to find them so here is all of the evidence as well as the other pages and documents that back up everything we have ever stated. Understand when the anti trust laws come for you google and YouTube we will be suing the living fuck out of you just like everyone in the EU can now do. The GIFCT video was removed from this playlist

AS you can see this is a common action YouTube takes with competition or just people they dislike in general. If They truly cared about the people they claim to. Why in the world we (the watchers) have so much documentation from google and YouTube proving they literally hate everyone and just use you for data. Google is a hate group in its self. if you want to see how they see race and people please take the time to read all the things we have on google. In the search bar type in google or youtube (search bar for news stories on our site) You will find so many documents and more showing exactly how they manipulate and treat users as slaves and steal your data only to lock you out and censor you if you say something they dislike. (Sounds a bit like a dictator government no ?)

Lets lay this out in a simple way way so if you read the court document below you can under stand exactly what it’s saying.

When you search anything = google gives you only their results and leaves others looking as if its a unprofessional website or just a link. ( this is a manipulation of the shopping market making other stories look as if they are basically a man and a cart on the side of the road selling Rolex watches. You wouldn’t trust to buy a real one from him would you.

They manipulated searches so that you couldn’t find the store you are looking for but you could find it through google. ( Not of Man records as an example is business and it have been censored pushed to the background of searches. it also has been manipulated in the searches to the point you literally have to type in Like any band the website is the door to their business and it gives you an idea of what they are selling yet you cannot see or find it due to googles manipulation of the search engines.

by doing these forms of censorship data manipulation they are literally stealing money from your pockets and putting it in their own. So if you have a company that sells a products google will dominate the searches before you can even be found. This is stealing and also unethical by doing so you are putting people and other companies out of business and they do not even give two shits about it. As long as they dominate the market and The average public stays unaware and complacent this is how they become bigger than the government

Not of Man