The covid 19 pandemic will end in 2023

Based on all the information provided by
1. The world economic forum
2. Johns Hopkins University
3. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for population control ( they changed the name after the polio incident)
4. The united states government documents from 2012 to 2022 showing exactly how deadly the vaccine is look through our covid 19 information all of it comes from these sources and the FDA, CDC, NIAID, DOD, WEF and the W.H.O

the side effects will become more and more obvious

they will have to address the issues they have created and will need to change the prep act
which give vaccine makers blanket liability no matter how badly you are injured from
death to permanently disabled.

right now you have to go to a special court that if you win pays your medical bills with Americans tax dollars and covers the medical companies

with the rises of cancer neurological disorders and unforeseen (lol) deaths coming from
Antibody dependent enhancement. You body will eat itself basically
the effect on the unborn and the miscarriages
reproductive harm and health issues.

Our family’s have been injured and killed by them already so we are warning you of your future ahead.
if you listened to your “Slave Masters” you are fucked.

we just wanted to get it down and documented so when it all starts to happen you can see we have done nothing but tell you the truth and they have censored it from all of you.

why is that??????

Not of Man