Dear Los Angeles: It’s time to remove George Gascón

Not only can his office not handle the amount of people mad at him for his actions but he is now running away from people on twitter. Because like always when you hold them accountable they run like a bitch. In our eyes he is just that a racist lackluster manipulation of public safety. Why would anyone be angry about the below information.

Stefen Sutherland

Dear Los Angeles: It’s time to remove George Gascón

1. IN L.A African American Females Make up 4% of the POPULATION YET ARE 33% of the murder victims. 100% FACT

2. 10,000 prosecuted cases on his desk as you read this. 100% FACT

3. Stefen Sutherland was a violent criminal and had been arrested in 2020 for stabbing a construction worker in the neck for being to loud while on working.

Los Angeles County Probation Department recommended Sutherland be sent to prison, and again another social justice movement failed the citizens he swore to protect.

Sutherland was sent to get mental health treatment Called “diversion” by Gascon’s office.

On may 23 2023 that same man ended up murdering a next door neighbor in the same diversion program. Her name was Jennifer Gomez and for again to much noise. He decided that shooting her 19 times was a better idea than a noise complaint.

This was the responce by his office.

“The defendant in this case met the specific eligibility criteria for mental health diversion,” a spokesman for Gascon said in a statement. “A court-appointed psychologist deemed him suitable for the treatment program, and our deputy district attorney agreed to the defense request for mental health diversion. 

“The court approved the treatment plan and deemed the defendant safe for community treatment. The defendant participated for nearly two years in [the] treatment program without issue. We are saddened by the most recent allegations, and our hearts go out to the victim and those who loved them.”

Gomez’s parents set up a GoFundMe to help with her funeral expenses but have raised just over $300.

We now have questions since you by proxy have murdered someone.
Your own policies and actions. Lead to the death of a person. You keep your job no news outlets report this but fox’s Bill Melugin. Their report is the link below. It also has Video.

it was important to us to let others know what this man is doing to L.A. Because no matter what they say if it happens in California its coming your way soon. ( Other States always follow )

If someone’s else’s choices lead to the a persons death they would be charged in some manner ? Correct

if you accidentally kill someone you will be charged in some manner ? Correct

if you give someone a pill and it leads to their death you are responsible.
You will be charged. Correct

these are three different examples.

You ignore your own actions and in our opinion we find you to be one of the slickest racists we have ever seen. Because the simple fact is 4% of African American Females Make up LA. Yet they are 33% of the murders. you have 10,000 prosecuted cases and if you cared and wanted justice that number alone should shock the living hell our of you

Your choices lead to all of this. We have no idea why you are allowed in office any longer. It’s time to go. GG

Not of Man