Ukraine Caught Committing War Crimes United states knows and is still giving money to war criminals

We questioned releasing this but this is the face of war and these are war crimes and Jen psaki admits to them and then moves on. these are war crimes and you are working on bio weapons with Ukraine the document is at the bottom of the page. We are in utter disgust

Ukraine Caught: Committing War Crimes, Mainstream Lies, and Hides footage, 18+ Graphic 3-29-2022

Updated 4-6-2022 Jen Psaki speaks on the videos

Ukraine Caught: Committing War Crimes, Mainstream Lies, and Hides footage, 18+ Graphic
Disclaimer By continuing to read this story you agree that you are of age to see content that may affect your mental well being if you are not old enough or well prepared this is the real world not movies and the horrors of war are real and not to be seen as a fun game to watch and play. So when you hit that play button you agree you are able to watch and handle what you see. Welcome to reality the media hides

Ukraine has been caught in a massive war crimes you do not shoot or torture prisoners of war. Before you click the video below Understand Ukrainians have been told to castrate Russian soldiers and shoot them in the genitals. Biden is endorsing enforcing and helping commit war crimes. But at the same time has been telling Ukraine to give up parts for Russia ?

cut their D*’s off / or shoot them off at their hands are tied behind their backs and your pulling them out of a van
Real Crucifixion
Sept 2014 Stop playing war games with Ukraine and Russia the war will be your fault
John J. Mearsheimer on Ukraine recorded in 2016

As previously stated we will not be reporting on Russia and Ukraine, we think both sides are pointless and this is a distraction in order to keep people looking this way, while they make changes to the world in front of your eyes.

But as a human rights issue these things should and need to be seen and known. Our world leaders want this war that’s coming and that’s why the TV is so excited to lie to you every night. Wake the F* up

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