YouTube Exposed: Chapter 1 Anti trust, Censorship of Music and News reporters (Constitutional Violations) Data Manipulation, Theft and Fraud. 10 days and 625 plays removed by YouTube. (Note to the IRS)

Google censored politicians. News reports and opinion and if you want to see them do it all in one video there it is above. So this also prove they the power to silence the people in power because they cannot deal with a disruptive opinion vs there absolute bullshit. Thank you for exposing what we have been saying for over a year now.

You want absolute proof of anti trust violations against not of man the website and the reporters including politicians and companies that google wanted to keep censored

Fuck YouTube, Google, Alphabet.Inc, they act like Nazi Censorship fuckers. Who alter steal money and fraudulently change our data and our ability to reach a wider audience literally hundreds of plays have been removed in just the last month

YouTube Exposed: Chapter 1, Censorship of Music and News reporters (Constitutional Violations) Data Manipulation and Fraud. 10 days and 625 plays removed by YouTube. We have to now let the IRS know we can no longer properly report income for the band as this shit prevents us from giving a accurate amount of money made…..

We used the google whistle blower and follow his steps to show you everything. This video contains documents video and evidence that YouTube has openly censored music and public information with no right to do so. As section 230 protects them from litigation over videos posted. Now they are choosing what videos can be posted this is editing and altering the information people are allowed to see and removes the rights of all Americans and the very goal YouTube set for the world with its initial onset.

The Google Whistle Blower explains how to follow the censorship of your brand band or even news! Everything can be fact checked on our site please take a second to check our show to fact check us page
We would like to make it known we had 1000s of subs and listeners from all over the world until they shut down our channel in feb 2021
For some reason it says we have only had this account since 2020 while our first release before all the censorship was in 2013 on all platforms.
So some how our entire music section has been altered and manipulated
over a decade of albums some how missing in the void of the internet
These tracks have had plays removed likes removed fraudulently in order to keep people from finding our music which exposes the crimes of YouTube and more build the wall was censored because its Joe Biden openly talking about building the wall around Mexico to keep the drug runners out (what he says is far worse than anything trump ever said and we dislike trump very much

YouTube Exposed: Censorship of Not of Man’s Music and their reporters (Constitutional Violations)
This will only deal with the direct censorship of Not of Man the Band & the Reporters being Censored by YouTube for Giving factual information and music. This will be pages long as we have so much evidence against them. Dr’s censored, Side effects censored, Medical information censored, Music Censorship.
All violations of the first amendment of the constitution.

The band and reporters do not fit into googles ML Fairness narrative of what race should follow, what line of thinking and censoring the people and races they believe do not fit the racial factors they are looking for. This will show you a small snippet of the illegal censorship of music and news from a platform who is not a publisher but acts as if they are, by censoring music news and medical information THEY DEEM UNFIT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION. This is a violation of constitutional rights of freedom of the press and the first amendment (freedom of speech) Censorship of art (music)

You will hear the YouTube CEO openly state they are going to be censoring anyone who is not MSNBC FOX NEWS CNN BBC and so on. This is illegal as freedom of speech is an open dialog esp when it comes to the news and music. When you remove the dialog you are now controlling the narrative which is what they have done all through Covid and it started in 2016.

The Original Photos to show no alteration of the information was made.

If you go to our covid 19 origins story you will see we have openly stated that we knew covid 19 was coming from china by our sources on nov 22 2019 and what date do you start to see the numbers dwindle for Not of Man ? Look at Nov 17 2019. it all goes down hill after they started reporting and giving the documents for the origin

The best part of this is go to another platform and see the numbers VS YouTube. It becomes extremely apparent that they are actively censoring our music. This is our favorite part of the entire thing over ten days they removed hundreds of plays from our playlists and songs. We keep daily records of everything on all platforms

below you will see two dates one on the left is older than the one on the right. Yet the views and likes on the tracks have been removed. We left this as a pdf so you could get lossless picture and zoom in for exact detail. We will also add the singles and the informant playlist which is the most censored of all Not of Man’s Music

Below is another pdf with proof that youtube /google has again removed plays from our channel which removes income and is data manipulation and fraud

Not of Man