Not of Man Predictions (C,19)

Start April 24 2021 updated 9-10-23


100% correct from April 24 2021 Youtube censored
He predicted The crime rate and the exact reason
seems he is dead on. AGAIN YouTube censored this as well. Dec 17 2021

So round 3.0 is coming and its going to never end. IF you touch our kids expect to see the reactions you fear. This is now become a war on the American people and their kids. Wake up say no more.
It is not safe or effective in anyway you lying murderers.

we told you COVID would end in 2023 and we told you they would cycle it all over again to try and get you to take more shots and use fear. Hopefully America has woken up to the medical dictatorship by the lying world health org and the world economic forum and the united states government along with china. CDC NIH FDA and all of you frauds who have been caught.

here we go in 2023

7 days later and boom its time for the cycle to repeat.
now not only do you have one virus you have three and all different injections to some how fix this are you insane.

Not of Man