January 6th 2021 U.S Capitol.

This page is being censored heavily

All Jan 6 footage release by the united states government.

The senate report in our eyes shows knowledge of the problems on Jan 6 2021, and the lack of action taken. This not only gives credence to the idea the attack on the capitol was wanted to gain control. otherwise why would you allow all of this, know all of this and then do nothing.

Proof of censorship

Censorship of this very story

Paged started FEB 2021 and still being updated expect a ton more evidence of this bullshit set up. This is going to be an amazing historical page. Get ready for everything. We have been silence censored and hidden from the public as hard as the US government and Big tech could but you will never stop truth.

we want to make it known the second we add Jan 6 2021 the visibility of this page goes almost silent.
We have been watching all of you removing and disabling videos on our site expect more we will not stop exposing all of you. Everything you remove we can replace in mins no issue for us. Also the fact you want this page hidden = your scared mates.

Now on to a bigger fish to fry Bank of America and its open spying of citizens. No one has address this in the media. BOA decided to use your cell phone data to spy on you and anyone you know and see if you were in Washington dc on January 6th then they turned all that information over to the feds. This is how many of the protesters had been identified. We honestly are lost how no one saw the use cell tower in the middle of the capitol. If you have an account with BOA we would advise move to another bank and research if they were also doing this.

oh no more to expose

The bombing of the U.S Capitol by Susan Rosenberg and Tu Pac’s father Susan Now works for BLM A known terrorist helps raise funds for them. Nov 7 1983 a bomb went off in the U.S Capitol in an attempt to get the KKK member Robert Byrd who worked in the capitol. But not once has anyone mentioned this in any speech about the capitol why because this was a million times worse a group blew up the building and injured people. J6 only had one death Ashli Babit those police they say died killed themself and sicknick died of 2 strokes

The bombing of the us capitol Nov 7 1983
These are reporters who work for the C.I.A

This is the C.I.A admitting they use assets in the media for dissemination of controlled information. Next you will see almost every big name news channel reading the exact same script then cut to show they are using the exact same sentence on every channel this is exactly what was done on January 6th and still to this day with J6 and COVID 19 repetition is brainwashing
New York Times Journalist Mathew Rosenberg Jan 6th we were just having fun!
This one as it was edited was so easy to disprove every word this lying Nazi says. Now that you know what msnbc stands for does it make sense they would have bill gates on constantly to refute anything with softball questions. If we had five mins with any of these people they would go running from our questions because we bring the evidence with us

the below story is being used to support the documents provided as evidence. It will come out and they will have to answer for everything and they are beyond scared. Rupert Murdok is going after tucker to get this series to end we hope that he will give it to indie news sources like this video and allow the full story to be told from the inside

cut into ten min segments this is being used for historical education and research purpose all fall under fair use. This is literal history being documents part 1
Part 2
Part 4
DC police on Jan 6 2021 admitting to being set up for the capitol attack.

before we go into this story we do not support any party, we support truth, no matter the direction it may lead. So if this story is not what you wanted, maybe you should think about how you get information. What other news network has shown you this information or any on our site for that matter

just curious what ever happened to the Seth Rich murder case ? or maybe Christopher Sign ????
this page has been censored over and over so if something is not there. send us a notification those of you who know how and we will fix it asap. Stop fucking with our website you look guilt as fck

was up on YouTube in April 2020 but removed by YouTube they told us it was him
Listen to the words they use Micheal Leroy Byrd, Jade slacker, John Sullivan. ( Note to John we know and it will be back up)
Proof the video was still in our systems yet unable to access or use. if you click on the video it offers you to open a new link. So instead we right click and open in new window to find this video some how takes us back to the home page of not of man. This was removed without not by us so who would have done it do you think…… We told you we have data bases of information and none if it can be removed from the history books you will not be able to write yourselves as the hero’s of this when you did it.
J6 whistle blower the same man who blew the whistle on Seth Riches hit Lin Wood released video testimony from a whistleblower with several decades in the in both the military and intelligence, in which he talks about the sheer evil of Chief Justice John Roberts and former Vice President Mike Pence, it didn’t take long to realize that this witness was on Twitter called @JohnHereToHelp he was the same secret witness who had come forward in 2018 on the second anniversary of Seth Rich’s murder, with his unexpected testimony that Rod Rosenstein had ordered the hit.
To answer his question yes they were there on jan 6th 2020
Feds run like B* when asked to tell the truth
James Ray Epps insurrectionist trying to create violence against the Capitol and he is still out free
ray epps 2
This story has been censored and removed we tried a link and it removed it we tried to PDF it and they censored the PDF we put it into JPEGs and they censored the JPEGs. why are they doing this. The guilty hide their crimes, the innocent do not care what you say. An Innocent person will never stop you from this, they fight back and stand their ground.
This is how a psychological operation starts
whats the date on the photo who is that the man threatening the president in the below video at every important location expect the pipe bomb that was left on a 1 hour kitchen timer that was found by Kamala Harris’s security because she was that building not the one they claimed by all accounts the pip bomb should have gone off. (Also a note they still have not located the person yet they had BOA giving away everyones location so they know exactly who that person is.
Am open call of violence to the president at the time. By john Sullivan who seemed to be able to record every moment of the jan 6th event
Part 1 censored video
Part 2 censored video
Part 3 censored video
Part 4 censored video
Multi angles of Ashli babbits murder going to school for mortuary science we can tell you she passed the second she was hit, the twitches and jumps are reactions to the passing. The police know she is dead and so they just let her lay there. Then in a later video we have they rush her out on a stretcher pushing on her chest to make it seem as if she was still alive. The photo is who John Sullivan who in the first video stated his intentions on j6 and threatened the president. That pupil dilation tho
John Sullivan payment records from media for footage
Cnn Interview of John Sullivan Jan 6th Terrorist Fair use for educational and historical archives including research
John Sullivan’s adopted Father

After everything you have just read and witnessed you have to have doubt as to if this was a real insurrection as they comments on tv the months before sounded like a coup was being lead on the president

Mark Zuckerberg has what say in politics or election results. the answer is 0 the rest just sound as if they will refuse the results and remove him violently if needed and none of what they stated happened. So why was mark so involved well he funded much of joe’s campain

They needed this to remove trump and stop him from running in the future so that he could no longer affect what their long term goals were. When trump gave the speech on the lowering the cost of medication to the cost it would be in another country because they pay so little. He said and I quote “they are going to be some very powerful people mad at me and you may not see me for sometime.”
he was not wrong it seems. Now they do everything in their power to try and stop him from running for reelection that’s what all of their games are about.

Notice they will not leave him or his family alone.
if you thought he was done for and finished you would never keep trying to stop him.
There very actions in psychology show they are scared weak and have no clue how to control the masses anymore and so they are now using fear tactics. This is the last step of a dying kings reign. When no one believe you anymore you lose all your power.

Sadly no one believe you anymore you lied to us far too many times

Not of Man