Happy 4th of july 2023: for the first time in American history fireworks are now a global warming issue.

enjoy the cult they will take everything from you. Happy 4th America soon you will see it controlled to the point you get no fireworks and can only see them from appointed venues.

Why you might ask… they want to create more fear. the air !!!!
gun powder ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
the ability to make and use explosives that we do not control. ahhhh!!!!!!!!!
So understand your freedom day will soon be no freedom celebrations
as they have now been deemed unit for the environment of bullshit.
We would like to point out if they have an issue with these being used for the environment
you need to stop using them for weapons manufacturing and creation.

Literally this is why we hate all of you news casters and anyone who speaks on this topic you have no fact or science to back up what you say. We literally have the federal government tell you they control the weather and its patterns now. “Search Global warming fraud on our site”

just like LGBT social justice
this is the exact same category and of lack of education.
if cow farts are killing the world….. why didn’t the dinosaurs farts destroy the planet already.
that would cause massive irreversible damage to the environment.
All planets heat and cool its the life cycle of one and yet you want us to now deny facts and follow a cult
eat our dicks and clits

The person who wrote this should be made fun of till constantly you cult follower why dont you show the public the news casts with john brennen in the counsel on foreign relations and the head of harp both explaining the control weather and the stratosphere. then cnn’s producer explaining that the news media would be useing global warming as a huge push after the jan 6th issues. so you are using the world as a tv guide and when you decide to report or make an issue out of it then you tell the truth until then you suck the dick of your master We have their videos on this site again search the term global warming fraud/

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