YouTube exposed Ch 12 : The Anti Vaxers (Feat: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla & JFK) YouTube fraud and removal of views Again!

This song is a fuck you to the system about to take over its time for you to Get up stand up! stand up for your rights! the watchers from all over the world captured the same issue. Germany, United states & the UK YouTube has censored this song removed views and is trying to keep this track out of public circulation

Here are the songs they have censored and have blocked you from listening to because its facts its true so instead of removing it because we catch them in all of that as well. They make it seem as if no one listens or can find us when in fact this is absolutely untrue our website has massive traffic and over 300 people download our documents a day. So no matter how you try we are reaching millions

Not of Man