Your Face and Voice can now be used to incriminate or manipulate you. Deep Fake Warnings (they are being used in political adds)

Below that is not Morgan freeman. That is an A.I creation while knowing video editing and tricks of movie editing simple ways to make things feel more real is add a filter over them. If you look at his hair it is not clear its blurred. That is a trick of a green screen. then the blur of the hair is used because they could not replicate his hair perfectly. Also his facial marking are not even close.

We would like to you realize the only way to tell Morgan Freeman was A.I was the lack of blue pigment in his eyes . As he has aged his eyes have taken on this really cool mix of brown and blue.

This can make you guilt of a crime without doing the crime
this can make you guilty of phone call terrorist threats
this proves your face voice and person can and could be manipulated to do anything
and as you hear from the forensics examiner they are almost impossible to figure out if it is fake or not
So how in the hell will you defend against this.

You can scream its not me.
But now your eyes and ears are lying and you no longer can trust anything you see and hear,
please be aware and make sure to fact check everything because this is out of the bag and there is no way to go back.

We will never use A.i for any form of reporting as A.I is beyond unreliable as they have discovered A.I and hallucinate and create stories from nothing

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