Gavin Newsom’s Homeless Care act bill 1338: is coming to take you away & LAPD homeless attacks

Page started in 11 – 2022 Updated 6-28-2023

This is a way to lock up people they find problematic, instead of addressing the fact he created this problem. The drug issues created by shutting down all of California and leaving people homeless and drug addicted. Now he wants to round you up and put you in a court that gets to determine your fate. You get no say.

At this point it says voluntary but it will not be in the near future. Once they realize they can round up people and have everyone see it as a normalized activity they will start doing it to the dissenters and people who do not follow their new RED LINE



  1. One who dissents.
  2. One who refuses to accept the doctrines or usages of an established or a national church, especially a Protestant who dissents from the Church of England.
  3. One who dissents; one who differs in opinion, or one who declares his disagreement.
  4. Specifically Eccles., one who refuses to accept the authority or doctrines, or conform to the ritual or usages, of an established church; a nonconformist: specifically applied in England to those who, while they agree with the Church of England (which is Episcopal) in many essential doctrines, differ from it on questions of church government, relation to the state, and rites and ceremonies.
  5. Synonyms Nonconformist, etc. See heretic.
  6. One who dissents; one who differs in opinion, or declares his disagreement.
  7. One who separates from the service and worship of an established church; especially, one who disputes the authority or tenets of the Church of England; a nonconformist.
  8. someone who dissents (disagrees), especially from an established church
  9. a person who dissents from some established policy

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