Not of Man warned you of the COVID resurgence would happen

As you can see we told you before it was even over and how we knew it is still following the guide of the spars pandemic

So you hear they will open close, open close
say its safe and now, its not safe,
this is the game. Confusion and fear.
This is what not of man labels the chaos theory
you create confusion, fear, violence, and hate to the point everything seems chaotic. (like now)
then the average citizen who know no better.
looks in fear to the authorities to fix their fears.

David E martin

Universal flu vaccines. I mixture of all strains of flu injected into the human body ? why simply put the strains change every year and the flu shot is ineffective against them due to the fact it is always evolving and changing as stated above. in 2012 a study was done with humanized mice with the mRNA in the covid shots and it killed anything it touched. Please read the conclusion. It flat out warns do not put this in the human body because of the side effects.

This man was part of the humanized trials in 2013 and as you can hear everything he states is located below in the document explaining why you do not want to vaccinate against the coronavirus

WIV1 Mean Wuhan Institute of Virology virus 1 Ralph s Baric of north Carolina university if you would like to know more about this man and exactly what this all means. He is all over the documents with peter daszak fauci and shi zengali of china. The United stated and China Created Covid 19

universal flu vaccine Milken institute

In 7 days COVID has taken over the world again and now you need three vaccines to prevent this fear of illnesses, The human body has an immune system the more of this hand sanitizer and mask wearing and vaccines which do not work in any way and never have the NIH CDC AND WHO HAVE KNOWN THIS SINCE THE 90’s.

Not of Man