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Vol. 1 Demoralization

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Not of Man Psychological Warfare feat Joe Biden

Nuremberg code Violation Joe Biden.

Nuremberg Code is a set of ethical research principles for human experimentation created by the court in U.S. v Brandt (Joe Biden lies and violates it knowingly (this video is censored and removed from YouTube and public sites feel free to grab your own copy for free below

Video Evidence on YouTube censored and hidden from the public due to the level of information they openly removed from public view so you all took a unsafe vaccines proven to be 100% fact

The truth behind the COVID 19 Vaccine: We are not anti Vaccine we are anti COVID 19 Vaccine
the rise in cancer is not only from a lack of screening while you were forced to be prisoners but you also took a poison jab that causes cancer and the documents were hidden from you and they are here!
Our most censored story
Google has removed all traces of the evidence from youtube / google
Kaiser Permanente COVID 19 fraud murder lies, and crimes
We reported on this over 2 years ago censored by youtube and google
100% fact the censored video is below

below you can see the censorship in action at the bottom of the widgets you will see this in detail. For facts they were censored (this was only censored by the united states government because it shows Joe Biden directly lying to the public and manipulating you into a forced vaccine. The videos without him saying this are left up

This has been directly censored and blocked and now fixed
exactly what is says (seems a bit much) who cares if they violate the law right
Their family was killed by the vaccine and they warned you and they give you the medical documents to prove it

We use Zero A.I in gathering intel and documentation everything can be found and fact checked on this site by putting in the documents exact name and it will link you to the hidden and hard to find information.

Not of Man & The Machines – Destroy to Rebuild 2024

Strangely This Website is not indexed when it should have been over 10 years ago ( Old and Current Host )

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The Machines will always march on – Atlas of The Machines

Vol. 1 Demoralization

Not of Man Psychological Warfare feat Joe Biden

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Covid 19 fraud lies murder censorship youtube

Transhumanism (The Death of a Soul)

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