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Page started 9/25/23 – update 3-26-24
update start Ready Set Fire (The Facts)

C.I.A Network News (Feat- William Colby, Frank Church, Jen Psaki) have it free all #notofmans music is on the site or bandcamp you choose!

the bullshit vaccine they sold you through COVID killed their families and they have the documents and proof which is exactly why they are censored on the government document scroll to page 16 and see all the COVID 19 vaccine side effects that are being now treated as a new issue, when you can show the world the opposite of what they have been told through their own documentation they get scared and censor you so a quick fuck you all

It’s not so funny now is it esp when they are acting as if these are new issues and they have known this since 2012

Read the conclusion in the document from 2012 to find the humanized mice they used the vaccine on killed and gave them cancer All of them.

if you look closely we have 377 tracks and almost no plays but thousands from our own servers a bit funny when they do not control the narrative, you can see how it is done and why they do it. NOTICE THEY TRACKS HAVE 0 Plays

When you fuck with a group that has watched people killed, cut into parts and put into vats of acid. Their parents locked up them up & sent away to homes because they hated them. Forced to watch snuff as children in elementary school, forced drugging and sexual abuse. You have to understand what they already over came and what you are in their eyes. Nothing no matter what you do to them they have faced worse. They do not give up and they do not stop until the person or people who have harmed them learn to never do it again. So no matter what you do how you censor away or hide what you have done they will let everyone know without fear and hope you come to understand. The gods of truth are looking down and pissing on your face MIKE.

Fear threats and intimidation do not work. The only way to stop them is to kill them – The Watchers

A Song for @SongCast Music for their lies theft and fraud

A Song for @SongCast Music for their lies theft and fraud

Update end for 26-03-2024

Mike We tried to talk we tried to work with you we tried to treat you with respect while you treated us as if we were garbage and you took our money and allowed all of this to happen to our artists music and their channels. update end

This is what the not of man team received today from Mike wright. Instead of addressing the issues his own company created he is now removing not of man from streaming and stores. Which means YouTube will follow shortly after. This is how they remove free speech and hide truthful information. The reason this is actually happening is they are censoring the new single and album.
We can prove it very simply.

Notice the top ten are now changed 2 days later and showing that yes they are streamed and yes there is lost income due to their lack of support and honesty


since they do not report to us the actual numbers through the service the number of plays and downloads or purchases are lost in limbo

We know that in Sept 20 2023 as stated by mike wright and with the evidence below that all not of man records artists music should have been removed by Oct 20 2023
with multi attempts to get them to explain why the music has not been removed from stores that are still allowing streaming and sales of all our artists except one
Divisionary was never published correctly and we were told they no longer worked with eMusic.
Because of issues with royalties and payouts on time.
Well then after the release of Divisionary’s two albums and singles being released
no more of any not of man records artists should have been uploaded to eMusic yet we can show you it was still being uploaded to their services and apparently royalties may not be correct.
we know they are off with the removal of views on you tube

on Sept 20 2023 not of man was told their music would be removed from all stores in the next 30 days. Oct 30 rolls around and the albums are still in stores and on you tube.

the actual removal of the albums was in mid Nov 12 2023 two months past the date of removal. As for what they said and what we can prove in second is they are lying.

We have asked them to remove the music they have left including the channels as we do not want anything else to do with this company and no one should ever work with them, after what we can show.
as they have moved away from emails and gone to only chat support on their site.

They control the chats and information left up and conversations with important legal information is being removed from them on their website our legal was looking through the chats and noticing that many including mike wrights chat was removed. There are only two reasons for this. they have tried to hide what was done to all of the artists because mike lied outright. Or they know it contains information they do not want other to see so it is removed.

When we feel like it all documents and proof will come to show you to this day they have lied still and not done what they have stated. Maybe it will be for the new year to start this off right.

end of update


we wanted everyone to see that no responses were given while not of man and their artists were released under songcast music but as soon as they removed them they will respond. This is exactly what they were saying and pointing out.

Notified this am that not of man no longer exist in stores or streaming (thank goodness)
here are all of the albums free

Click the album to listen free or download.

Not of Man Divisionary. NVRMD, Oddley have all been removed from the stores and streaming services.
we also have more evidence of fraud theft lies and abuse that songcastmusic are directly connected to after they have removed all artists from stores and censored. It will be posted when we feel it best serves the purpose of exposing them in full.

to start over a decade ago song cast music charged a yearly fee of $60 in order to be what they labeled as a partner. Now its a monthly fee to be censored hidden and not have your channels monetized. One thing you should understand about songcastmusic and its the largest most important. they control your ability to be paid and seen by the public. What this means is that, simply put you are locked into a internet ghetto. They do not monetize your personal channels they monetize their own.

Our older stores show you the other results they have removed and altered in order to affect the website and data as you can see that is the last 5 years of searches in google/youtube and not of man topic page is almost invisible.

to explain your personal you tube with your music on it which is id tagged. Will not gain you income no matter how many people listen on your personal channel. It must be through song casts channel. we can actually show you no one search or used the not of man topic youtube page the green is the youtube page taken directly from google /youtube and you can see that it was almost never seen, We would also like to make it known that google has altered and removed data from google trends and we have to use a tip given to us from a google whistleblower to even get this to pop up.

Like Not of Man – Topic

they claim that you make money off track id is false, and we have caught them in this over and over. So they stated they would monetize not of mans music on their channel seems that didn’t go through. After a contract agreement in writing they offered.

to prove this was censorship and nothing more here is them telling you that a song cannot have Joe Biden in it even though he is the speaker singer and so on.

All you can see all albums have been taken down and a new tab pops up telling the team to renew ?
Album art work has been removed and the now removed the audio from each album and have taken down all albums. A page for free direct downloads on the site will be up asap. Money was never the point informing the public is.

so from $60 a year to $17.98 a month ? our advice is go with anyone else than this company more to be added soon. your looking at $250 for a radio spot they claim to allow you to chose the tracks then last second change the song listing and produce something that was never paid for or told would be created.

paid for and fraud produced radio spot

The track was not listed to be played and they have no rights to use this track in anyway.
second track was over a year old at the time and not of man had release a new album at the time of this promo. Hoping to promote the new album they asked what tracks are to be used and they chose what they wanted. This is censorship again.

more to come. update end


The track has been paid for 2 times now censored twice album twice. This will prove once and for all the very fact they are censoring not of man’s music. They have the legal right to release this and the album.
the information contained in the album is something they are scared for you to hear. THE TRUTH


She wanted the team to correctly spell her name
But wont answer the questions since they told the team to contact them
So since Oct 24 till 8-11-23 this album stays in limbo with no answers
no explanation no answers no responses just spell my name correctly even though you can see
they have ask the team to contact them
Update end

This photo is from our personal sales not from songcastmusic notice the numbers vs the not of man topic page from songcastmusic. on 14 subs

Like we the music is free or you can stream it. So No matter what they do will be will around the top ten albums for 5-11-23

21 hours after being asked to contact support and no reply this is exactly what we have tried to explain.
So to explain what this is and what is being done. This album by not of man had the audio removed the first time it was censored, This is now the second time it is being censored but instead of removing the audio so the team can re upload the album that was paid for months ahead of time and the single that was paid for on Sept 11 2023.

So what will now happen is they will leave it with contact support so that the tracks cannot be re uploaded and them having to censor the tracks again. So What now needs to be done is show them that like before this is not about money. So it will be paid for and re uploaded by the team for a 3 time.
then you can see this clear censorship of factual information. ( We will be proving all audio clips in video format so you can see that everything you hear in this album is not taken out of context and not misinformation or fake news.)

End of update

Again the album has been removed after being re uploaded Oct 24 2023 4 days after said removal of All of Not of Man records artists by Mike Wright. We have asked for an explanation as to why this album is not allowed to be released when we can factually give all information in each track on video. The only reason for them to not release this is to censor the information provided esp during an election this album shreds the lies of the Biden administration. Esp since its been our highest downloaded album on our site. (We will get the video of the upload up shortly or if needed to prove our point more than we have)

At this point and time it seems mike wright did not follow through with his threat because we told the truth and he knew it.

The album the censored was reloaded on the 24 of Oct and we have yet to see it hit stores or be uploaded to any streaming service.

We recorded the re upload in order to show you how long they will leave it in limbo instead of out right stating they are censoring you. as of the date today it is nov 2 2023. that is 9 days when the release is a typical 1 week till it hits stores. The video will be uploaded and we can see how long it takes to either have them remove the album and track again or remove our music because they dont like us and censor us and we have caught them.

We asked them to address the stealing of money from our YouTube channel the removal of views likes and subscribers

As before when they have censored tracks they will refuse to respond or explain the issue they leave the track sitting in limbo. Once this is done and you ask why the track and album are not released you get no answers. We have asked spoken with tried to forgive and work within their made up ever changing rules. Once we made it known they are doing the same things they have before with out music by not answering questions and leaving the release in limbo over 9 days ??????

they have uploaded tracks in 24 hours for 9 days is extreme for those who do not know. once we made this known to them and explained we will no longer take this type of behavior we would be leaving reviews on the websites due to their lack of communication and attempts to answer, or ever work with Not of Man or their teams to solve the problems they seem to have.

we were directly told we are not allowed to use joe bidens name in tracks when they have no right to tell us that when he is the literal speaker on an entire track where we is racist and speaking down about “Mexican citizens and building a 700 mile wall to keep them out & their trafficking drug dealers coming over the border. Then he states he will tax anyone who highers them. Not of Man is a mix of news and music. ( no one has done what they have ever!) Which is why you have no idea how to handle them.

So we are trying to educate you to the words that have been kept from you through art and art is the first form of resistance protected under the first amendment. We are not using violence we are using words and our words seem to be so scary and dangerous that you cannot hear them from youtube spotify and more! That does not mean they are wrong that means they powers that be are not happy for you to have this information as it affects the end goal. So remove them from being hear entirely

He says threatening ? when all we have said is we have no issue going to court with him over their first refusal to even respond to questions for months about their lies, censorship removal of views by YouTube, our lack of royalties, Contractual monetization of our channel which they just decided to end one day, due to this fact. We have had some serious issues and questions for them and all of them they refuse to respond or answer now they just want to remove our music for exposing what they do.

It is All provable. Just go through the documents videos and more in the stories above

This will not stop the music from coming. If we need to go all Tom McDonald on their asses we will.
but this will now allow us to create an entire documentary about songcastmusic how they work and lie.

This is Mike Wrights,Dot, & Jason’s Doing All you had to do was be right by the people who work with you

We have updates coming from DM’s with them and their lack of responses and refusal to address the issues they openly have created for themselves. – Numbers 10:9 When you go into battle in your own land against an enemy who is oppressing you, sound a blast on the trumpets. Follow the dates and see exactly what lead to NOM’s Music being removed and so NVRMD ODDLEY AND DIVISIONARY WILL ALSO BE LEAVING REVIEWS FOR YOU.

We released an album on Jan 25 2023 and the single and the album have yet to release through song cast music. Since it seems they will not release it we have always given the albums away for free as well as streaming and in stores to prove no one at not of man does this for profit here is the album they have yet to release.

As you can see the album is in limbo

if you would like a copy here is the free download this is an educational album!

The New Album

Everything in the album is able to be fact checked along with the documents.

At this point and time it seems mike wright did not follow through with his treat because we told the truth and he knew it. The album the censored was re uploaded on the 24 of Oct and we have yet to see it hit stores or be uploaded to any streaming service. We recorded the re upload in order to show you how long they will leave it in limbo instead of out right stating they are censoring you. as of the date today it is Nov 2 2023. that is 9 days when the release is a typical 1 week till it hits stores. The video will be uploaded.

music was removed from all stores but emusic channels left up. With photos and tracks that do not belong to them

Not of Man