Spotify Shutting down Not of Man playlists mid play (reports are coming in & they are true)

Video update

Thank you for the video and showing how you were able to do this!!!!!!!!! notice the track goes on forever and no audio plus as you can see with no edits the next track just keeps going back and fourth

So what we have been told is that while streaming Not of Mans music playlists that Spotify and other playlists are shutting down mid play.

They make it seem as the tracks are still playing, yet they just mute the audio.

We would like to ask anyone who is having this issue please send in video evidence. with dates
we are not sure how to do this one without help from you all thank you for your help and time.

Not of Man has been dealing with censorship since 2019 and this is seeming to be another issue if the reports are true. We are not sure how to investigate this one.

So we are reaching out asking for help please if you have a way of documenting this please do and send it to our news team thank you!

Not of Man News Team

update 1

Thank you to the whistle blower who has sent in video of exactly how the reports were coming in.
Spotify is censoring and shutting down people who listen to not of man. In fact their entire listener base seems to be coming from Vietnam from Spotifys own records. All have been documents and will be uploaded

we received an entire hours worth of streaming video and it plays just fine until for some reason their audio goes silent the silent track plays then it says its going to the next song spotify shuts down to a roku screen saver.

we have no clue how this was even recorded but the audio is shitty but its 100% of what the reports have said (it has now been shown and explained pretty genius)

we are extremely saddened by this as it seems not of man have been placed in a gulag and silenced when you listen to them.

We also have proof of far more censorship as they went from 2.1k listeners
on average to only 232 at most. This is impossible as the subscriptions have also gone up. at the time of the 2.1 k listens it was around 59 subs and now its at 86 and we have only 232 listens a month
how do you go up in subs and down in listens ?

All can be proven and all will be uploaded spotify are frauds how is any of this legal ? its not it violates anti trust laws

notice no listeners in the united states here way less followers or subs a massive difference in monthly listeners. How in the fuck is any of this math mathematically possible

3 listeners in the united states ?????????

we will not upload an hours worth of music streaming but we will show you the persons message to us and then exactly what is being explained happening if spotify wants to say this is a lie we will upload the entire video to YouTube. or rumble

Not of Man