FDA Approves of Lab grown meat for human consumption is safe… (No Thanks)

In another story we explain recently they have been able to create life no human interaction (SEX) a lab grown human. We do not trust the FDA esp after COVID do any of you ??? Feel like eating some of this shit in a box. This literally shows you they can clone cells organs meat and now brains and lungs.

They claim this is for global warming and the fact that cow farts are some how going to end the world.
Out of curiosity didn’t the dinosaurs fart ? The size difference is undeniable.
Why was out planet already not destroyed by that ?? I mean they walked the earth for millions of years farting and contributing to global warming correct.

no sure if anyone remembers soilent green.

quick answer cow farts affect nothing this is an excuse to control food in the future
Progress is nothing more than complication.

Well you see its all just another step leading to a place no one wants to live. A controlled Dystopian future where life means nothing because you can just make new people to follow your rules.

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