Joe Biden Lied ,CDC LIED, NIH LIED, W.H.O LIED, HHS LIED, while you & Not of Mans Family Died (the new age nazi’s)

This page has been censored and removed entirely from our site not by us so someone who is monitoring and altering our website. Which is fine its all recorded and can be uploaded or used in court at any time

Nuremberg code violation and lie by Joe Biden

over 2 million adverse events in April of 2021. Directly from the world health org when he said this he was lying

Covid 19 informed consent document

This has the department of health documents with the vaccine ingredients then you can see the saftey information that was for sm 102 and then changed for sm 102 along side it. We don’t know how many of you can say h20 suddenly has a new name and change its effects and make up.

As you read you will see a direct link to cancer through sm-102 the data for this ingredient in the clot shot was altered in Sept to have all the safety issues removed including the risk of cancer and other health effects.

Below you can hear moderna tell you its in their. Both companies ingredients are the same they are just higher or lower doses as pfizer and moderna have tried to sue each other over patient infringement the whole time. This is also the reason none of the vaccine inserts were made available to Dr’s or nurses only fact sheets

Blank vaccine insert sheets opened by medical professionals only to find they are blank. This is a violation of informed consent.

at the bottom right you can read April, 2021 strange why is not one of those side effects on what they gave to the people they had been vaccinating this is clearly a lie.

These documents are not informed consent and are a form of fraud unless you were made aware of all of these side effects then you cannot say you had informed consent and a child can never give informed consent.

We would like to make it known they knew the side effects even before these documents

First name on the list from north america is who the man on the pdf above on page 16 you will see all the side effects known in oct 2020 and here is his face and the video of him skipping the side effects on the broadcast meeting.

This is from the department of defense showing ade in elderly and absolutely useless vaccines this was only public for a short time and then they removed it due to the level of information.

Jaic project salus is an A.I controlled monitor humans did not report this. their own monitoring systems did

joe biden and borula saying a lot and doing nothing

This is Maddie De Garary YouTube and the news media censored all of this from you. under the guise of medical mis information. even went as far to shut down channels because they had been told to by the white house

go to the last 9 pages of this document to see 1902 adverse events from pfizer

Now that you know its not safe and its not effective from the start here are the media groups that were paid to propagandize it to you!. So as we have stated many times before dont watch tv or stream its all lies. This is why the band has been censored they knew and told just like Andrew Bogut

The United states government and all media organizations knew that the clot shot was fucking killing people and what did they do. Tell you it was safe and effective. (THAT IS A COMPLETE LIE)
The united states government has been poisoning you and it seems much worse lying and killing off its own citizens how do we know this because we have the documents. The very documents the white house is shitting its pants over and explains exactly why so much has been done recently to remove not of man from public view.

Well folks we hope you know all of this has been done out of love and an understanding of the world most will never see or understand. The government is not here to protect you they are your god. You follow what they have told you to do for three years and it has killed and harmed a massive number of them. While trying to tell people its a conspiracy. When you literally have books out by the world economic forum ” covid the great reset” is kind of a hint things are not really as they seem.

The more you watch and listen to the tv you see the script and narrative being played.
fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, keep watching the tv. While we lock you in the house (like a prisoner for years)
which then in turn gives you a psychological disorder and affects many other aspects of your life.
we made you scared of air now we want to SELL YOU a clot shot that will kill people and we want to hire the all the media corps to follow the same line. can we do it WeCANDOTHIS!!!!!

Look at the date on this email from the ministry or health in feb of 2021

oppps another document showing the government knew that these shots fucking killed people
april 18 2021 endorsed by thrombosis UK

We have much more to come but we thought we could show you enough now to end there bullshit entirely from 2021 they knew they were killing united states citizens at an alarming rate. We would like to see every single name involoved in pushing the Lie called a vaccine tried for nueremberg code violations just like they did to the nazi’s because what you can see from this page is that is exactly who the united states government is.

Not of Man