YouTube Censored: Ch. 6 vaccine side effect videos (NOT RARE) 04-25-24

FUCK BILL GATES ALBERT BOURLA MODERNA AND J&J Howard Stern YouTube Steven Colbert and all media channels that lied to the world eat a fucking dick Murders
Profit to destroy – (The System) Feat Gr33nL33f

we have screamed it from the roof the day they introduced this poison to the world. Now you will see the truth coming out more and more while exposing the very big tech and government groups who have worked so hard to censor this information. remember the faces of the liars as they smiled and told you it was safe and effective and remember as you or your family members have been killed they did it under the guise of protecting you from nothing. As you see from this document we have been correct and so have our videos. We hope you see the fraud that was done to all of you and the harm done to the world by locking you in your home forcing you to take a poison and then telling you if you refuse you will lose your job. This is all criminal and Nuremberg code violations as they knew all of the side effects and we have all the evidence to prove it.

The day Joe Biden violated the Nuremberg code and lied to the public about the vaccines safety and effectiveness. Yet no one will hold him accountable for the death side effect and more from this vaccine and the people who lied to sell it to you. the side effects start on page 2 this is the lead up from all the frauds and liars

You can hear a pharmacist quit while exposing the truth. I quit i have seen people die from these do not take them!

Here you can her Sonya Sotomayor lying through her teeth 100,000 kids !!!!!!! trying to create fear so you will take a vaccine which is being tested on you to this day with no longer term side effects known. o wait they knew the side effects in 2020 so why is she knowingly trying to harm and kill your children. We cant tell you but we know she wont answer this honestly so fuck the bitch

A 93 year old Holocaust survivor compares COVID masking and lockdowns to Nazis and concentration camps. So when a ww2 survivor is comparing them to the very people who killed so many maybe you should stop telling people to not compare what you did to the Nazi’s because its the fucking same.

John Nazi legend paid to propagandize and sell you drugs which he has no education in, but he is there to convince you to take the shot. This has become of the most censored pages it literally drops the internet so we cannot update video will be added to the censorship of news link.

Back That Thang Up” is a song recorded by American rapper Juvenile featuring fellow American rappers Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne. Turned into propaganda again responsible for the people who are harmed by the vaccine

Page created Feb 2020 – all censored by YouTube
God Bless all who have been harmed by the New Age Nazi’s (NAN)

COVID vaccination the reason for the mass Collapse of athletes ? @LeBronJames #LeBronJames as you go through this page you will see YES! ( We have a question for all of you did you see any of these issues before the vaccine ? if so show us)

This is what informed consent looks like for mRNA vaccines did you get one of these (NO!) wonder why?

Covid 19 informed consent document
Pfizer CEO Albert Borula Lying our of his ass. This man is a murderer and belongs in a cell of hung by the neck for violations of the Nuremberg code
COVID response team under trump lied to the public Deborah Birx liar & fraud she should be tried and hung as well

The new Idaho bill that criminalizes the administration of the COVID 19 vaccine by any Dr or they are guilty of a misdemeanor

Howard stern
Old Nazi fuck, for some reason this photo has been not loading on the website so we want to make sure everyone gets to see this idiot and how he is beyond a tool his career will be remember as the pussy bitch who didn’t leave his house for 2 years out of fear.
former Vice president & chief science officer of allergy and respiratory research, Pfizer Inc Michael Yeadon, PhD

Albert Bourla Current Pfizer CEO and liar the vaccine isnt good for stopping reinfection ? then what is the fucking point of it moron.

Albert Bourla Pfizer Ceo our vaccine works but not for reinfection was not the whole point to create a vaccine works fucking idiot and a liar

We wanted to prove YouTube is censoring public medical information under the guise of the world health organization and lying about us at the same time and the only time the world health organization dictates anything is under a PHEIC and we were not in one. As Covid 19 has been stated by the president of the united states to be over. Joe Biden ( we all know how good he is at lying) we have an entire section dedicated to it.

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