Lebron James #KingJames @KingJames time to get educated, because the medical system is in hiding. the media is covering

go back before covid 19 and think how many of these did you see ?
now after covid 19 how many do you see?
Why wont they do a study on the cases of vaccinated with these effects.
they can be normal but not to this extent.
As you scroll down it seems to many to just be nothing.
You will also find the side effects of the mRNA jab in the below photos from the fda oct 30 2020 cber with steve anderson you will also see a video of him skipping the side effects in the meeting

before your son got his jab did you sign this ?

Covid 19 informed consent document

He skips all the side effects

But here is the document side effects they knew in 2020 go to page 16

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