DR David Martin exposes the 20 year long history of The COVID 19 fraud and the actors behind it.

We wanted to include this as it is an opposing opinion on what Dr David Martin is stating. yet the issue we found with Reuters and their fact checking is they are without a doubt in a conflict of interest and cannot be trusted to give you a differing opinion. James C smith who is part of Reuters. The world economic forum, and Pfizer? giving us fact checks? We believe this proves enough of a conflict of interest to never trust a word they say. If this was not a true story why can you follow it document by document and we have all of them.

Reuters James c smith working with all the organizations who did this to the world. So How do you trust a news outlet who is directly connected to Pfizer.
So now you know they have a vested interest in this being a vaccine and not what David martin is explaining. After seeing the conflicts of interest. We will leave what you believe to be the truth in your own hands. We only want to open the door to a discussion.

Dr David Martin Summary of news story. Below is the full video and documentation to support everything he says

Address the Global Plandemic

https://www.m-cam.com/about-us/ (Dr David E Martin’s Website)

Dr David Martin explains how Fauci, the National institutes of health and the CDC used fraud bribes and coercion with the Wu Han institute of virology to create SarsCov – 1 for the future of universal vaccines

Thats right Fauci has mad more than just sars mother fucker is dr death

The US and Wuhand Created Sars Cov 2 as well. Every word he states can be fact checked and we have them on the site as well.

Youtube censored the patient from the public wonder why

Well Shit if fauci didn’t just do that in 2017

In the title of this should give you insight beyond words. WIV1-COV is Wu Han Institute of virology – Cov 1

Dr David Martin Directly explains that in 1976 they had been working with dogs and swine. Suddenly in 1976 you have the swine flu and another fraud of vaccines being used to harm people. With completely no consequences for these people and corporations when they have been the hand that has killed murdered and maimed so many through COVID and with the next flu they have in the works.

CDC used celebrities to lie to the public in order to have them take a vaccine that ended up fucking up so many people it was ended.

Don’t forget bill gates and Joe Biden both claimed this to be the first iteration of the bio weapon attack against Americans. Yet this is not the first time and no one is being held to account. His body language is showing how happy he is to talk about death and pandemics. No regard for the people he killed.

Milken Institute openly talking about creating a universal vaccine for everyone and all fly variants. Which is impossible and of course they are going to be mRNA gene therapies.

Karen Kingston is a med legal advisor and biotech analyst with 25 years experience. She’s Internationally recognized as an expert on the harmful biological effect caused by the mRNA Gene Editing Tech. The very last document she speaks on.

remember SM 102 we will show you how Caymen Chemicals fraudulently changes the label of SM 102 from chloroform to ethanol and removed all the side effects and dangers to humans and the environment.
We have them before the committed the fraud. but here you can listen to them tell you its in the vaccine.

The Ingredients of the vaccines from the department of health PEG 2000 and sm 102 both extremely dangerous and not for human use. but don’t worry we will put it in your body knowing the effects. All side effect were known oct 30 2020 they will added below this video. The lipid nano particles are the most dangerous part of the so called vaccines as the are not lipids the are nano particles

Go to page 16 and see the side effect the media knew about as well as medical companies and the world leaders. Yet they never told you and said it was what safe and effective. What the fuck happened to informed consent and human rights.

The Not of Man Band has had two family members injured by the Lipid nano particles one had the typical heart attack shown in the 2012 studies stating not to vaccinate anyone again coronaviruses.

This Court hearing will leave you questioning everything you have been told

The second family member was killed by a booster shot. She went in healthy watching all the kids in the family running around day and night. then her limphnodes became swollen and Suddenly she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the organs affected by the lipid nano particles and she died within a few months over their Christmas and new year.

To us seeing the faces of NOM and their families broken for new year was heart breaking esp when the kids asked for her.

the children who lost someone over a lie has been beyond infuriating because no one will be held accountable as the crimes by law end up with their deaths or life in prison so why would they admit or let anyone expose them without censorship. They are acting as they saves you from something they made and killed millions of people with

This is why our site has been dedicated to the victims and the truth of the bullshit created pandemic.

There was no NDA signed and no medical bill payed for as she was too far gone for anything to help. (this happened in not months or years she gets the jab gets cancer and dies in weeks) when she was healthy and of course once we publicized this information the censorship went nuts.

Not of Man