Dr Richard Day, John F. Kennedy, Timothy Leary, (The world is a lie) Question everything

The Revelations of Dr Richard Day | Information he gave us in 1969 has come true – and so it will in the future to come

When you listen to these tapes understand this is from 1968 and how many things have come to pass.
if you do not understand each and everyone of you is cattle in the world including us we are of no value in their eyes we are meat. Programmed to follow a set of guidelines when you see the program and are release from its blinding glare you will understand. The only lie you have been told since you were born was an illusion of freedom and choice. When all of you followed exactly what was set for you. The world all of it is a lie. Created to control and keep you in line. When you read the wiki pdf notice the keywords “security” Give up freedom to feel secure.

John F Kennedy speaking on secret societies April 27 1961 “President and the press” the full speech

Below the videos you will find some very recognizable people Bill Gates (Microsoft), Ted Turner (CNN) speaking on depopulation and stopping reproduction. Due to over population. They use the excuse of carbon but humans are carbon. You can clearly see Bill gates use a math joke for a mass genocide reference.

Tape one will prob be enough for you to understand how badly we all have been fucked over our entire lives

Listen closely to what the lady says in the first clip – the real name of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (for population control)

Remember ted just wants his kids buffalo to run free while you cannot have anything.

You will own nothing and be happy

We can now hack the human mind and control people.

You will be monitored by thought and imprisoned for them. but not the rich and powerful

the rich and powerful like himself in the end will leave the rest of us to drown as they go off on their own Noahs arch

The great reset was never a Joe Biden plan

Leana wen 2019 – 2022 also a part of planned parenthood. listen to her talk out of her ass and give only information that led to the detriment of society. Don’t forget the wonderful people need the carrot and stick to take the gene therapy. This bitch and these news stations did this to all of you by brainwashing you.

We can teach you how to brain wash someone
we can teach you how to brain wash someone
this is how you brainwash people and for 3 years this is all they have done on repeat

How the United states was destroyed in 2001 through 2023 all have come to pass.

yuri beminov warning you about all of these assholes in the 80s

Some one care to explain how you own science. Science is always evolving and changing and yet we must believe what this stupid fuck has to say. below is proof that global warming is bullshit. They literally control weather.

wait you can control what now ??????

Geo engineering with what into the air with planes remember when that was a conspiracy theory

Operation Mockingbird

Operation mockingbird video 1 (current media) convincing you of fake media when this entire time they have been the fake media. This has even been admitted by CNN producers. “see media frauds section”

Mocking bird video 2 (much dumber example)

C.I.A Frank Church / William Colby hearing on operation mocking bird

C.I.A admitting to having assets running stories in the media to control the public and their reactions

The heart attack gun the C.I.A uses to fill the many gaps on a red tag. This weapon was referenced in the tape 1 above

Not of Man