YouTube Exposed: Chapter 2 spreaders of Misinformation and Information control.

YouTube Censored & Lied about us Now we will exposed their criminal fraud
racism and censorship. The documents expose and prove
the very thing they did to manipulate people into protesting for
Joe Biden did and said worse than trump. All will be exposed
eat it Susan & Sundar. Even going as far as funding Peter Daszak for over ten years
The very man behind eco health alliance and the Wuhan lab leak
(All documents/evidence will be provided)

Google protested trump over the wall calling him a racist which he is not and we do not support trump or any party. but listen to the absolute racism and hate coming out of the old dixiecrate
You can hear the world economic form through google state they own the science of global warming which is a complete fraud. below the videos show the government is using planes chem trails they claim are a conspiracy
We use chem trails to control the weather the issue is when you hit one part of the world with the weather modifications it has the opposite effect on the other side of the earth.

YouTube is no longer a platform like it used advertise and now it uses your
information against you. Their A.I systems now know how you vote or think
just by the words and the way you type. The issue becomes what happens
when its the truth and they don’t want you to hear it. They are now a publisher

Google Lies under oath

Proof they lied under oath

YouTube now belongs to an organization which is not run by the government
of any country but a group of people unelected who control free speech and
all censorship on the internet. They all operate as a government without a
face. Each one of these companies is directly connected with the world
economic forum. We will prove they are the un elected censors over the world.
They are the

You can hear him openly say he is working with Fauci naiad china NIH on gain of function

Not of Man