The Censorship Hearing 7-20-23: U.S Intel, Tech, Music distribution services, silenced our voices. So now we will silence yours.

While we understand that you think censoring the website stops people from finding it your wrong we have a world wide group of people who all volunteer their time to pass out, post and place links to our site in places you cant censor. In public delivering free news papers with all your document listings on them so people can research on their own. You can do whatever you want to us and we will always win.

After the lives we have had you should respect the fact not of man helps and tried to educate humanity. because how do you deal with a band you cant take money from. you cant stop them from writing and you cant stop them from exposing you. you will never be able to stop the release of their music the teams can go door to door and hand out the albums free which they do. WORLDWIDE

So how do you deal with a singer who openly will tell you they have been told / asked by their own family if they are a serial killer. if they didn’t learn early on how to understand that they violence they felt was only a representation of their childhood. But instead of choosing to be a human hunter they chose to not let anyone else go through the same pain and suffering. You caused in their lives so now we hunt you and your lies .

We all at not of man def have the Dexter complex and that was a requirement for volunteer work. if you have no clue how a serial killer hunts their prey you cannot work here. because the people that harm humanity are our direct targets to expose and ruin for fun. yep fun! we are non violent but we know this world and its games from the inside out and you will never be able to play us.

You cant they have lived through death so many times they welcome it
they call you out to your face ? who else does that.
they write albums exposing your documented lies and fraud. Who else knows how to do that
they have an entire team of people who work freely for them because they believe in them and you will never stop an idea. when you do you only amplify it.

So now its time to censor the democrat opinion and like we stated we belong to no party but these fuckers lied and did this to us for three years now enjoy!

now we will treat you the way you have treated us. The Democrat fraud racist bitches will be added to another page far away away from this one because as you will see on their page it has 0 to do with censorship and the rights of Americans all they did was play the race card and try to make someone who has fought for all human rights look like shit So they can get their old dementia puppet in their to repeat what they tell him too. Notice we wont censor them they just no longer need to be heard as they add nothing of value to the conversation besides racism and division.

Youtube CEO Susan wojcicki, and sundar pichai is a criminal and civil rights violator

Notice he openly brings up the YouTube article and states exactly what that Nazi wanted.
if you have an issue with the word Nazi being used under stand this. Your actions are representative of the actions taken by them in history now if you have an issue being know that way. STOP FUCKING DOING IT.

censorship of not of man & news teams reports and exactly why they were censored. If you pay attention what he is saying it it literally what the entire site is for. To educated you with information they did not want you to have. Now you can hear it openly told to you not a conspiracy theory but 100% fact . He speaks about a Document called the disinformation dozen we have it and you are free to read download or share. Alll of our reporting is fair use feel free to fact check and use what you like.

we have a question for you government and big tech fucks you grow up abused, beaten, forgotten,abandoned, and left locked behind white out windows in homes, raised on faces of death and snuff. They have seen more people killed and die than most military from the age if 4 on. What do you really think you can do to people who have overcome that amount of violence and hate and turned it around on the ones who created it. Do you think you are going to stop any of us. The answer is no and you know it

R. Budd Dwyer suicide is still our favorite death a corrupt politician exposed blowing his fucking head off on public tv. (you all should go see it so you understand what these fucks look like when caught we wish more of you would commit Seppuku ) You think censorship will stop these types. Understand the pure focus , that it would take to be raised that way and come out trying to help all people regardless of age race of what they like to fuck. As you can see you only make them angry and expose you. Not fear you.

the best part is when you have documents of them saying its not happening and that its a conspiracy theory does that court document look like a conspiracy theory and does it not explain in detail everything we told all of the services that censored us. Anti trust Lawsuits civil rights lawsuits are coming

We do not belong to any party we hate liar fraud manipulators and racists.
anyone who tries to divide because of belief or color of skin will be exposed
Know we do this for fun and we do this because what you provably did to us .

So let run a test today and see if google is censoring us. Because we already know from our insider they are so lets google and YouTube. Not of Man and see if their website and personal YouTube show up. We can promise you they wont. (Stopping the story to go get the video evidence) takes 3 mins shows how stupid they are we can prove it this quickly.

this took less than 5 mins to prove. try it yourself our website and our personal music channels have all been hidden by YouTube for over 3 years the have tried to stop people from listening to their music and demonetize them. This are direct attacks on a musical group and company they disagree with. All the while being proven to violate free speech and anti trust laws against American companies

soundcloud is tied very closely with YouTube and google and the choices they make tend to affect this company

our web host telling us that youtube a vimeo are censoring our music and videos

Google Attacks

YouTube attacks

Amazon attacks

By far our most favorite censors of not of mans music is Spotify

Lets get this out of the way now we do not want trump to win the next election simply put he has so much anger and aggression by feeling he has been wronged so much that will be his main focus and getting revenge that is not what a president should do. They should bring both sides together and show by example how not to be and right now we have two fuck ups in the running biden and trump.
Trump is a liar, Biden is a Liar, Hillary is a liar

Trumps documents and Hillarys emails are the exact same issue, so if you are going after one why not the other ? We all know why, that dusty bitch is above the law. just like her husband.

Her emails that warn of bio weapons in Wuhan while she was secretary of state. Not of Man literally has the email as their song title on their self titled album. Go look up all the numbers on their album CPU they gave you all the patent info for the corona virus and more going back decades. We knew we all were being censored and we let you do it and lie so you could be caught in the end.

We called you fuckers out for this so long ago and we were slandered into the ground. Now expect to get hit harder. We told you we never give up or back down.

Fuck the united states government of censorship, This is not America You censored art and music just like NAZI’S,

Fuck social media You all did the exact same thing but because you wanted your agenda to push through

Fuck Congress you have hearings on there censorship, and you wont remove section 230 since these companies have all acted in a manner that is representative of a publisher. While Violating ANTI TRUST LAWS AND TRYING TO END COMPANIES LIKE NOT OF MAN by removing and de platforming hiding throttling and shadow banning and CENSORING BY YOUR INTEL COMMUNITY. YOU KNEW THIS WAS HAPPENING

This is in no way representative of the united stated all of us grew up in. You have single handily created the homelessness drug crisis and the issues with boarder yet claiming you are protecting us by silencing voices you don’t want to have people hear. How about you are scared as fuck to have someone point out what you do and how you do it. SO YOU HIDE US AWAY we wont hide from you.

Not of Man the band will always release music and we will always have the documents to back up what we say. So if you really want to stop us. All of us have foreheads and wont mind if you want to push it through. This is the only way you can stop us.

All the companies involved will be named and shown how the censorship was done and we will be giving you the actual hearing the democrats couldn’t hold a candle to.

Instead of speaking on the topic of the hearing censorship.
A small group only focused on trump and social justice bullshit.

She only focused on RACE, The very issue they created during COVID 19 so the terrorist group blm could rob steal beat old Asian grandma’s was not done by white domestic terrorists it was done by black domestic terrorists playing the punching game. like they want you to believe we will show you the faces.
yes we are calling you a liar and we will be adding your names with video and documented evidence your lying.

They lie about the officers death on jan 6th by saying he was killed because of they jan6 bs
when in fact Brain SICKNICK DIED OF HEART ATTACKS, 2 of them. the next day. The rest of the police went home and put a hole in their heads because they knew they were set up (We have video of dc police admitting to that).

So democrat lying fucks
Fact check that you fucking liar shit bags.

We have had enough of your lies your bullshit your manipulations we are going to expose all of you and
if we knowingly are trying to give people misinformation you fucking shit bags why would we teach them how to find and fact check the documents on our site. Maybe because we want the truth and your all liars.

Not of Man