Peter Dazsak And Friends being called out account for their crimes. The Censored covid 19 creator Lawsuit.

We hope you get the Nuremberg violations you all deserve
You can hear him explain he and china are openly working together and they have been creating gain of function viruses at the Wuhan lab and at the university of north Carolina with ralph barric. Below the entire store is a speech ralph barric gave on how to profit from a pandemic.

Joe Biden openly lying to the American Public either knowingly or no one informed him of his own D.O.D documents

This document has all known side effect of the vaccine on what date folks. Type in this in any search bar and see for yourself tv news politicians drs and more all lied to you and let you take a deadly poison shot

Now you might claim this document is bs but type in the exact name and date and author and you will find it in any search bar. Not only they but we recorded the meeting while steve skips over the side effects during the meeting

Ralph barric how to profit from a pandemic below is his work with the Wuhan institute of virology on WIV1 the first test of manipulating a corona virus to infect humans. 33:12 you will hear him say those very words “if you want to profit from an outbreak”

Not of Man