Vaccine mandate not legal

started Oct 2022 updated 1-17-2023

we did tell you the vaccine mandate was not legal
we did try to warn you. That this was not legal and we told you how it would happen exactly as it did.
while they will discourage everyone from trying to sue all the corporations into the ground. They will say you cannot. But no one gave you the choice in the middle of a pandemic. They used your fear and panic of death to round up idiots and profit off shots in arms. Do you all remember being told to go get tested while standing in line shoulder to shoulder next to someone ?

do you remember the media telling you all to go to these locations and get vaccinated
is the game coming into view now?

They will try to say that the prep act is the reason they owe you nothing for taking something no one needed at all. That only protects the vaccine companies and the medical companies if it is done in a legal manner and it was not done legally.

We warned you

This is why they have tried so hard for all of you to take the vaccine because under human rights laws they cannot force any form of medical procedure on you. So they used fear in order to get you in a line and a shot.

The fact that they want to give you a test before you get a medical procedure is illegal they cannot do that as noted in this document that stands up world wide. Remember JUST SAY NO that’s should be the slogan for anything covid 19.

As a side note we do not think all vaccines are bad. Some have been tested and used for generations.
but not this and they are using the public as their test subjects. JUST SAY NO

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