New hip hop track for 2024 Not of Man – Psychological Warfare & GAVIN KNEW SOME: Censored and hidden Music Video. Blank Vaccine Inserts from 4/21 DOD documents showing vaccines do not work and FDA side effects from Oct 30 2020 all facts but censored. YouTube calls Joe Biden a Liar

the censorship only makes them more powerful

GAVIN KNEW SOME (2024 Single)

Not of Man Psychological Warfare feat Joe Biden

to make the point final and without any point to argue why would you only removed the video of Joe Biden saying its safe and effective yet leave up the other videos that explain the details. Well it shows criminal war crimes committed by Joe Biden in order to take a false vaccine. So it is censored to protect him just as YouTube has with bill gates, George Soros, Klouse Schawb, and more. So as you can see they are allowed as long as you don’t show him lying to the public

As an added bonus you can see the highest censored video ever made with all the documents to expose COVID 19 as a fraud and completely censored by you tube. It exposes they were told to lie to you as well as the government officials so that the government would make profits from the mandated vaccine

This video will be censored by YouTube along with all the tracks on the not of man records channel they remove the hyperlinks so you cannot download the albums while leaving them for all other artists and then removing views from videos. We have some wonderful mails that’s come in and it shows exactly what we have stated on video them removing views like comments and more. Everything stated over the years is coming in a new YouTube documentary that exposed Ml fairness and more The bull shit racist algorithm . the ability to see the clicks through the site is so much help now. Get ready to eat a dick frauds 04-04-2023 you censored a 100% factual music video and you have had the proof sent to you and if you deny the reinstatement its more evidence you are hiding the truth from the public because it was only removed when we proved Joe Biden violated the Nuremberg code through coercion and fraud
in the clip below you can hear the people who were just doing what they were told getting their death sentence read to them.

Version 3 censored by youtube over joe biden lying ?

Not of Man Psychological Warfare feat Joe Biden

This music video has got not of man records shut down for two months over a video with nothing but factual information again. Like Always it can stay up on other channels that are invisible. So as we said go through the documents and see the are all factual and see that the video below was removed over what you are seeing on the website now. The actual government documents explaining exactly WHAT NOT OF MAN IS SPEAKING ON. But silence the truth and you wake up the world. Now you have to explain whats mis information about this. ( you cannot censor us when we could turn our site into our YouTube pages idiots. DVD free distribution is now in the works and you can explain it to the public when it started to get around

This video is not censored and does not contain joe biden lying so who did they censor us or joe biden to protect him from his lying

on to the best part. When Joe Biden was added to the track explaining the vaccine is safe and effective he promises and that you need to trust Dr fauci they removed it for medical misinformation. Yet the video without Joe Biden stay up. So does this mean that they are saying Biden gave medical misinformation because its obvious the track did not in anyway. copy and paste it

Not of Man Psychological Warfare feat Joe Biden
Ah the Censorship we wanted to prove and again they play right into it. This empty space is the above screen shot when signed in

Not of Man Psychological Warfare feat Joe Biden

All vaccine insert were blank for months due to the information being proprietary information so you were not allowed.

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Not of Man Psychological Warfare feat Joe Biden

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