Your Child can now be removed from custody without a burden of proof (transgender Assembly Bill 665) Family Court

This is a social justice warrior bill. This should be treated as a all out attack on parents and the family. Introduced by Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo (Principal coauthor: Senator Wiener) Notice no one in the media is speaking about this bill. So it can be passed without anyone knowing. We already have laws that protect these children. Also People should really look into the sexual abuse that happens to these kids once they end up in homes / care centers. Rape, Abuse, Violence, sexual exploitation and more! So they are not protecting a fucking thing other than social justice rights.

Lets make a point the DSM 4 saw transgenderism as a sickness the DSM 5 changed it. So we have a question. Since this entire thing is based off feelings and personal truth correct ?

Lets say someone believe since they are a child that they are a vampire. They drink blood only go out at night. this is a real thing. Why are they not vampires they feel it in their bones and grew up knowing or feeling something was different with them. DO YOU CALL THEM VAMPIRES OR MENTALLY ILL there is no fucking difference. SOOOOOO……… Renfield’s syndrome is very real

and they are not a protected group ?
But this is not only mental physical it is also sexual. So DO YOU CALL THEM REAL VAMPIRES.

Seems not.

We have an Interview we are cleaning up and finishing with the singer from Not of Man who has been through this system since they were around 3. He speaks very candidly about his abuse and how the family courts did nothing to help and only harmed him in the end.
( it will be released when he is done speaking on it )

Not of Man