Tribute To #NotofMan After YouTube / Soundcloud / GOVERNMENT / Big Tech CENSORSHIP

Looks like the censorship is starting again. Do you really want them to smash through and expose you
band camp only allows 200 free downloads a month but the website is a limitless source for downloads so if they do not work there they def will here

1080p 60fps lyric video

Goodbye to you all

I Wanna Help The World Mixes ( Vol. 4 Single)

Vol. 1 Demoralization

Vol. 2 Destabilization

Vol. 3 Crisis

Vol. 4 Normalization

notice the music and play lists have no listen or clicks if they do they have to be removed click a track and see a number pop thats how soundcloud works so 377 tracks 348 followers that are people that speak to the team so they are not bots and less than 1000 views and ten years of work ???? Hmm Soundcloud you seem shady esp since you work with youtube and google directly

would you like to see them protect joe biden from people online who had tried to let him know they hated him already and then you can see that youtube altered the information to look better for old crooked joe joe

this was done for years in COVID and they are not relenting even after the court has exposed this is factual and what is being done.

you didn’t believe us huh they black out the links to the albums our artists and then remove the comments so that no one can see them. This is a direct attack on our music and label as they have no right to remove anything that links to the music or does that mean every musician that has album links needs to have them blacked out and removed (we don’t think so) but we know YouTube is going to regret fucking with us) We have all the evidence and people who work at google in the valley we can get anything we want from your systems ( we actually even have one of your machines it was a gift)

The video below of the proof is in 1080p and 60fps check the image resolution as YouTube will lower it so that you click away and do not think to enlarge text so it can be read. ( Another Manipulation )

Using The Censors to expose their censorship

The Machines Speak Not of Man Tribute Disk-1

Using The Censors to expose their censorship

The Machines Speak Tribute to Not of Man Disk-2

The amount of evidence that this was done to them, and their artists is ASTOUNDING. Here is a tribute to Not of Man and their artists who have never given up or backed down to threats censorship and abuse through intimidation. This is a mix of industrial, house, hip hop, and metal tracks about to not of man.

youtube censors the track cia network news

This is showing you a interesting fact the songs they do not want heard CIA Network News and Wake Up Lies! do not have many views but again lets go to the channel they are censoring factually

Not of Man