Google / YouTube / SongCastMusic Fraud, theft, data manipulation and the COVID 19 connection

Susan and Sundar and their fraudulent content moderators hired by a specific party/country have attacked us relentlessly over our news reporting so much in fact the have affected the band not of mans views as of 3-7-2022 shut down their channels, subs, likes, and even comments. We have whistleblowers who give us the info. On how to find it and then they send us screens of their score and level of shadowing or throttling. the troubling part is they claim to be a free speech platform and allow all voices, but the ones they deem worthy.

We are outcasts and we have always liked it that way.

Whats better than having someone under estimate you. It’s even funnier to watch you remove the videos that show you both and the proof you censor truthful lawful content.

They have also removed documented government medical information about the Covid vaccine like the 2007 patient tied to google. who funded Peter Daszak for over a decade and helped bring this pandemic to the world. sound like a strong claim look at the thank you in the documents below. We will also post them removing lawful government information protected under law because they did not want their ties made pubic

BTW YOU idiots all you did was make us more popular this site has been back up for a week and we wanted to thank you for allowing us to prove you frauds and the truth the winner.

That’s one week ! Good job

start of the site first few days

The criminals

Susan Wojcicki CEO of You-tube and Free speech removal advocate, Terrorist, human rights violator, informed consent violator, Nuremberg code sec 1 violator
Sundararajan Pichai Informed consent violator, Nuremberg code sec 1 violator

Court Evidence #1 View count never changes and no suggestions to other not of man tracks in the videos next to our music. as of 2-27-22 its been stuck at 228 even though there has been more than 10 plays shown on our data and the evidence of from a listener this morning. Proving their fraud and showing no change again

Go daddy explains Google and YouTube are censoring our videos and music 2-16-2022

the view count has been stuck at 221 views while the sender plays the song 6 total.
5 on YouTube
1 on our site and then go back to check the count and its the same.
we have watched this for months and months, years in fact 10 to be blunt.

we would like to ask that if you are a listener or viewer to please go and do this similar thing so we can take back our free speech and never again let some moderator tell us whats OK to say and report on. screen shots uploads without the id tags and copyrights and send us what you got. you can help us bring these F*’s down

They have openly stated they will and do ban truthful information they deem harmful. So that’s basically anything that’s truthful we don’t cover basic news we cover what they hide and cover up
far more damaging reports coming soon!. we told you YouTube expect us Susan and Sundar. o and lawsuits don’t bother us

3-1-2022 just caught them removing views


Go Daddy phone call legally recorded and authorized by go daddy 2-16-22 explaining censorship by YouTube and go daddy
2-28-2022 232 views 5:59pm
3-1-2022 232 views 7:00am
3-1-2022 11:05 am 231 views went down by 1 after two days reflecting 232 this happens

Chapter 2

plays still not reflecting and Not of Man’s Music is not suggested. Also please note people keep sending me this track as it is the top of the list when you type in Not of Man it suggests this track
not one of not of man’s songs show up when you search or even use the top played track from Not of Man this same viewer actually recorded them listening to all 73 tracks and no view changes to any songs. this video is over 25 mins long and would only be of use in court
Our most popular track censored for over a year right newsom
cant find us if you type in not of man over a decade long band. name us one other band you cant type in a search bar and not find

Chapter 2

They attacked our Switzerland reporter and shut down all channels until April and they are going through our videos and removing them one by one as if we don’t notice. They have blocked us from communicating with anyone on youtube
email from a random listener
Joe Biden telling online platforms to censor free speech
Googles Job is to censor free speech
Data fraud and manipulation

As of today 3-4-2022 the views for our tracks have stayed almost exactly the same. Even though we know we are getting plays hundreds of you have sent in videos of you listening. TY for all the help we know the view count for planet lockdown has stayed at 233 views for days now.

We don’t really need them or use them, but the fact that this is happening to us! means it will defiantly at some point happen to you. So you should all see the faces of the Stupid F*’s who are ruining our world.

This just show’s how weak and powerless they are. They can’t stop us so they block, censor, and hide us like the black sheep. We like to be.

In fact you-tube keep manipulating our data, we have the track play sheets of the reports you have not sent in. the real ones not the ones you show. gifts of insiders

They have even told us you have refused to report the correct numbers. Pathetic

— Love Not of Man

Chapter 3


Another listener Downloaded all of our music from the Not of Man Topic page then uploaded them to his own channel all of our tracks. Not one showed up in sound scan or caught by you-tube and flagged for our distributor.

Thank you to linkinlark

If you made it to the end we hope to get you excited for whats coming for youtube next we have evidence they have removed censored information during covid 19 that would have saved lives.

Also removed government information and videos in order to cover the fact they paid Peter Daszak for over a decade, and he was working with google. They are even included in covid 19 document thank you’s

All will be up and included We warned you to leave us alone

Idiots you keep trying to stop us. We don’t need you we only are going to expose your crimes. We keep everything. EVERYTHING AND EVERY NUREMBERG CODE VIOLATION YOU DID AND EVERY FRAUDULENT CLAIM YOU MADE. WE ALL TOLD YOU WE KEEP RECORDS

Chapter 4

as of 3-7-2022

THIS PROVES THEY ARE SCARED LIL B* Because you don’t silence the voice unless you don’t want people to hear what they are saying. WE want to say thank you for everything you only made us bigger and better and smarter. We screen grabbed everything in our list not deleted with all the medical documents that were real and from the Government you censored from the public you have bodies on your hands now murders. we are willing to go to court and prove everything we say. So if you wanna play we can. The monsters await because we have everything !

Here is a music video they panicked and removed as fast as they could as it proves Covid 19 is a fraud in a 3 min music video

Our historians will be going back through our footage to show everyone the Nuremberg code violations and crimes you have committed

We found the point in which you took all of our music down without notice and then quickly put it back up when we were sent the screen shots

Here is the pdf and the photos from the pdf

And you idiots we have every one of those papers. See what you did. Covid was created by daszak and fauci we have the videos to prove that as well
You also censored this and all of us know why
You censored this off youtube
Your response is laughable at best the studies go back over ten years being the first corona virus patient from ralph baric over 10 years ago as well which you censored off youtube

Your move because we are publishing all of it

OOOPs you frauds

Chapter 5

You can do what ever else you like as you have no fear of you or the power you feel you have when in actuality is 0 you are a sears online.

You have stolen money
by inaccurate reporting of plays and views
via the distributor
You have show down our news and music YouTube page Basically you Alex Jones us from your site
You have hidden us in search results for years when we paid for the service to be optimized
You censor our music results in searches
You censor so strongly its hard to miss

You stepped into the view of the giant when you have stayed in it’s shadow
We want to thank you our site and music is bigger than ever
your banning of us only made us bigger lol
we know you have tried really hard to censor this story but sadly its got plenty of people seeing what you are doing

This number should make you happy.
just for this week, the real number of viewers of this story
not yours

end of the first week

Chapter 6 3-9-2022 SongCasts Role In the Censorship and Fraud

Proof of fraud a listener did exactly what we asked to show exactly what we said no copyright ? No content id? No track ID ? weird what does Apple or Spotify say ?
seems to have a copyright its clearly labeled as such
seems to have a copyright too! like all of our music
All albums and their respective dates and copyrights
Really weird right when they are all ID’ed

Mike Wright the fraud who allows this to happen

Get ready mother F*ker

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