7-20-2023 Hearing on censorship on the American public by big tech, FBI, CIA & Joe Biden.

7-20-2023 Hearing on censorship on the American public by big tech, FBI, CIA & Joe Biden.

Here is the hearing on YouTube as you can see from the views they have censored it from public view.
In fact we know that most people who see or would read the 7-20-2023 hearing on the weaponization of censorship by big tech and the intelligence community would get massive views. Millions have had to deal with this and yet 0 views

The complete playlist with all information

We are in no way done with this story. But we felt the information we have so far will be helpful to see why you should never vote for a democrat again. they are racist mentally ill and force their belief on you. why cant you do what you do and we do what we do. why do we need to bow to the smallest groups and change language so you feel better. feelings mean nothing facts mean everything

Plaskett is a racist who is using her skin to manipulate She Took donations from Jeffery Epstein and made a censorship hearing about race

Government controlled media and this is the logo you will see that the government will be feeding you propaganda

This lady is racist anti free speech and you know everything you stated can be proved a lie in two seconds. She said domestic terrorists which are normally white were attacking Asians through the pandemic but wasn’t that’s the blm knockout game.

So because this hearing is littered with misinformation and lies by democrats
we are going to rip you all a new asshole with your documents video and evidence to show
You all did this to the country not maga and we hate maga you the democrats did this. YOU blatant emotional race manipulators.

The full hearing will be attached but we just wanted to say fuck you Stacey Plaskett
we would like to point something out with your so called anti Asian hate isn’t exactly what you claim it is.
so you omit the truth and try to label whites. BLM burned our country down for 2 years and you sat back and let it happen and now its white peoples fault what in the fuck in wrong with your brain.

you fed hate and division on tv and in the fucking hearing all you do is talk about race when the fucking thing is on censorship. YOU feckless cunt

Below this line will be the democrats no we will not censor them but they are the biggest pile of shit in the world they lie manipulate and use racism to control thought. when you listen to mis wiley understand she is using a lawyers psychological tool of repeating phrases to make them sound true and that doesn’t make it so.

Racism part 2

She has nothing to offer but racism and lies. listen to the words repeated. did you forget the weather underground blew up the house of the people. Now listen to her tone as she talks about deaths she uses fake emotion then it shuts down instantly for her to bring up race again. This bitch has no idea the side effects did impact minorities more than others. here is a video from the health and human services explaining this and proving she is full of shit and lying. So black and latino had the worst of the side effects. Why isnt this bitch explaining this to you ?

Not of Man