Democrats in California Support pedophilia and rape of children by blocking SB 14

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As you can see YouTube and the democrats love pedophiles and will do whatever they can to protect them. even remove factual information that’s in a news report. in the below video.

fuck you bitch ass punks who blocked this

Start of update 7-13-2023
As of today one day later and the lashing this morons had took an emergency meeting last night and newsom knowing he cannot run for office with this under his belt. Went into session to get this back in gear while we do think its great that this bill now passed all you dem fucks who allowed this will be known for ever for this. your card are coming and we will never let people forget.

Mia Bonta and Issac Bryan

Democrats in California who still did not vote and so they are in Support pedophilia and rape of children by trying to block SB 14. We also have another bill the dems passed that make pedophobia a hate crime which passed with flying votes by the dems in the house.

Anyone who harms children sexually or physically deserves their face blown off in public so that way they can taste the last of their fucked up brains running down their throats while everyone gets to piss on your corpse. We come from a world non of you politicians know we lived in this world and you have no fucking clue what this does to someone. You want to see what this type of abuse does to someone just look at the band not of man and ask yourself do you really want more of them and us pointing out your all full of shit because we know what really life looks like and its not the pretty bs you play on tv.

protect the children or we just remove you from office. No one needs pedo lovers and child abusers in making decisions for anyone . We expect your terms will end after this even the ones who decided to vote.

end of update….

first posting 7-12-2023

This bill would put traffickers away with a strike which would make them be held to account in the prison system by serving their full sentence. Yet again like clockwork the democrats in California become the supporters of pedophilia and the rape of children by blocking the passage of the Bill Sb 14

These are the moronic fucking idiots that are ok with your children being abducted and sold into sex slavery. Then when they catch them. they may get 15 years but with good behavior its knocked down to 4 and they get back out and start the cycle all over again. Instead of stopping this and leaving these human piles of shit to sell kids. they decided to block the bill. Here are the six members who abstained or said no to the bill.

You baseball card will be up soon!
Fuck each one of you!

1. reggie jones sawyer Likes the rape and sale of children

2. Liz Ortega Likes the rape and sale of children
(with four kids you think she would have a heart for them )

3. Miguel Santiago Likes the rape and sale of children

4. Issac Bryan Likes the rape and sale of children did not vote in the emergency session he supported it again

5. Mia Bonta Likes the rape and sale of children did not vote in the emergency session she supported it again

6. Juan Carrillo Likes the rape and sale of children

For people who are not aware this issue is by and large one of the biggest issues in children’s protection and putting away for (what could be life) for people who sell children for old disgusting shit bags to put their hands on them ( more then you can count for the night at times ) if you have never spoken with anyone who has been trafficked.

In a summary multiple men raping children of the average of of 10 to 12.

This is what the democrats abstained from voting on and allowing this type of shit to go on in the lives of children most of who are minorities. Again they claim to care about you then vote against helping you, As of this moment Newsom has reached out to see about working with the bill.

But that’s only because he wants to be president one day (which he wont) We will show you the faces of all the California state senate democrats who abstained or voted against this bill.

Wait till you hear the clip of why one of this moronic fuck. (She wants to focus on school and education)
no sex traffic of children

We will be putting their faces into baseball like cards that show the bill and what they voted and as time goes on we hope that those card will serve as a reminder we are the watchers and we remember what you do. So we will make sure everyone else does.

You can try to rewrite history because you saw the backlash after and leave it open now
but you by abstaining voted no by proxy you stupid fucks

how ? simple if you abstain from sex that very choice is a no i will not
that fact goes for anything abstained morons

These kids need to be protected (and now it seems like they need to be protected from the government because you have no issues with their rape and abuse. which leaves you absolutely broken inside, and feeling like you have no soul or are unable to be close to another human. Over all of the abuse you have taken by so many, that you distance yourself and isolate and avoid the people around you. Why ? because all you know is men and women have constantly hurt you and their faces change day by day.
So for them no place feels safe or is safe ever again.

FUCK YOU CALIFORNIA Democrats for this.

You will be known, remembered and named.

Not of Man