YouTube Exposed: Censorship, voter manipulation racism and The whistleblower, Protest guide, Sars Cov-2 connection & JFK

Updated 9-21-23
Start date apirl 14 2023 This story is being broken down into chapters to make it easier to watch and read. Over time the information has become far too much for one page and we will be making this much easier for all.

YouTube exposed: Censorship, voter manipulation racism and The whistleblower, Protest guide, Sars Cov-2 connection & JFK updated 2/23/2023 (page started Feb 13 2020) For more information go to our tab YouTube exposed and you can see everything they have tried to hide from you

If anything is removed from this page know the government did it we do not remove information until we find proof it is wrong

JFK speech on secret societies censorship and the news media and the very behavior YouTube exhibits also this video has been removed from almost every channel on YouTube. we know of one that has it left up. Kind of shows you why he needed to be killed off at the plaza

YouTube Censored & Lied about us Now we will exposed their criminal fraud racism and censorship.
next documents to be uploaded for the new year googles guide to protesting. the documents are all about building the wall (slogans against it yet what they don’t know is the very thing they tried to manipulate people into protesting for Joe Biden did and said worse than trump. All will be exposed
eat it Susan & Sundar

We told you how the virus was created before the media even picked up on it yet they knew this info like we did. only we told you and youtube censored it skip to around 10:30 to hear the explanation from Oct 7th 2021. This is also the OG not of man YouTube channel that was shut down in feb 2022

YouTube censored Coronavirus 2016 patient. we will be adding them all for educational purposes
YouTube removed a factual video of front line dr’s saying the vaccine is full of shit 1/10/2022 to see the videos youtube has censored from the public follow the first embed link below


Below you will find all the documents the dr is speaking about (Dr Fauci created what ?)

As promised the google guide to protesting along with an audio clip of Joe Biden talking about building a wall to keep Mexicans out ( HIS WORDS). So it seems they didn’t care when he said it only when trump was speaking on in it. This shows that they had an agenda as the very thing they are protesting and trying to get the public to protest in ( yes a corporation trying to get the public to protest a president) pretty strange you would think they would avoid both parties if their opinions are exactly the same.

Joe Biden in 2006 build a wall to keep Mexicans out His Words)
Peter Daszak Admitting to working on gain of function on viruses with china through a po3c while under Obama’s gain of function ban in 2014.
That’s the YouTube CEO and she belongs to the world economic forum she wants to control every aspect of what you can see and what you cannot. that way their agenda is always moving forward because you have no other view points or voices able to speak. More on the W.E.F below

YouTube is no longer a platform like it used advertise and now it uses your information against you. Their A.I systems now know how you vote or think just by the words and the way you type. The issue becomes what happens when its the truth and they don’t want you to hear it. They are now a publisher

Ready to listen to google lie under oath

authoritative means Government controlled. Anything else is just a reporter they can censor and push down out of view. – Susan

Updated 10-30-2022
YouTube now belongs to an organization which is not run by the government of any country but a group of people unelected who control free speech and all censorship on the internet. They all operate as a government without a face. Each one of these companies is directly connected with the world economic forum. We will prove they are the un elected censors over the world.
They are the

Global Cabal on information and who is allowed to see it. Corporate dictatorships = non gov entities colluding
So they now can control the weather and are moving on to bigger things why would the bitch above try to hide this. Not to mention we have John Brennan openly admitting to weather manipulation through what ? You guessed it chem trails
we like to spray shit in the air to manipulate the weather and lie to the public fuck you fraud
Google and Apple work together to remove your privacy by illegally installing tracking and tracing devices on your cell phone without your consent

YouTube has openly censored information that was public and
could have saved you or a family members life during the Covid 19 pandemic.
by censoring government documents to hide the side effects they even went
 as far as removing medical universities
like the johns Hopkins university’s studies and Covid 19 war games ( Spars Pandemic
, Dark Winter, Crimson Contagion, Clade-X, & Event 201, the CDC internment
camps, Silent weapons for quiet wars, and EVEN! FDA CDC and WHO Documents
showing the vaccine has deadly effects )

YouTube  censored our news reporters and
labeled them as liars and spreaders of misinformation when all of our info
comes from insider whistleblowers, the government as well as other news Org’s. They
have silenced Dr’s who tried to warn people of the long and short term effects
of the ingredients and explain that there was other treatments than a vaccine.
If a medication is show to be effective then the EUA for the vaccines no longer
applies and therefore the information on early treatment was removed and

This corporation censored information that could have saved your life if you
are sick now or a family members life in this pandemic, YouTube / Google lied
about vaccine safety and effectiveness. The pushed massive Pharma funded
media  ran propaganda campaigns to
convince you all to take a vaccine that you never needed in the first place

YouTube even went as far as to censor the inventor of the mRNA Vaccine who has
openly stated that no one should take these death shots. Dr Robert Malone. They
Government created a document called the disinformation dozen that would
discredit a Dr before they even spoke.

Say you posted a Robert Kennedy Jr Or Robert Malone video it would be removed
and done under the guise of the world health organization and not the CDC (In
America) “which is strange because they were the ones who let china lie
about the origins of Covid 19″

Not only did google censor this information but Google funded studies for over
a decade with Peter Daszak one of the creators of the Wuhan Virus ( Covid 19 )

We openly blame the MSM and YouTube Face book and Twitter and any media or
social media company who censored factual information. Withheld medications and
lied about them so others would get a shot instead of taking a medication that
already worked.

The censorship was being done in order to get shots in arms when they knew in
2020 it would literally fuck you up and KILL YOU. We blame all of you for the
death of our family members and their injuries. For the new world you are
trying to create by removing the pawns

Google works for the World Economic Forum they will
say partner but they are controlled by them completely. Most of the world now
is, people are unaware of who they are and their end goals. We hope you will
understand and have done a good enough job for you to see and hear it on your

 Let them speak it out of their own
mouths then we will show you Google / Alphabet.INC ( Google’s New Company Name)
at work lying and manipulating countries in order to gain control with these
massive big tech non government corporations.

So as you can see a digital platform is telling you who you can hear and see because they disagree with them. Why do they disagree they are not shills for the system of a digital global technocracy over the population

Sorry easy to link to the page rather than have you find it.

Why is joe biden advertising this as his slogan when you can clearly see this is a plan being laid out in front of you world wide. You can see and hear its led by the world economic forum. The very last clip is the one the do not want heard. This is in NoM’s song “wake up ! (please)” Completely censored on youtube

This is all being done by the world economic forum if you want to know more you can hear them speak about it very openly….

The Google whistleblower

the whistleblower will explain the measures and steps taken to control and censor information from the public as well as control the minds of the users of YouTube and have their algorithms teach people what fairness is…. But controlling your mind ( their words )

and as you scroll down the story will start to emerge exactly how they work from the inside out. Google Face book and Apple are the worst companies in united states history . They have stolen your lives from you and profited while you had no idea they were stealing your information. ( How many of you read fine print).

Zach Vorhies The Google whistle blower who exposed exactly how they operate and manipulate. Thank you to and Zach used with permission by proxy under James O’keefe

Zach part 2

Jen Gennai she runs the AI system that now look for keywords to censor you while you type. They even can watch you while you work and censor in before you click. just by the audio and the text they get from the videos.

Please take the time to buy his book and help the very man who did one of the most courageous things we have ever seen. As the threat from these big tech fucks is no joke. They have manipulated our entire world.

what is ML fairness it is machine learning fairness. Google is using A.I to censor you

Google Allegations of algorithmic Bias: Investigation and meta analysis 1080 p

Google colluding to remove news reporters they do not like. Acting as publishers again.

Google decides that infowars has no news information and is just bullshit. based on what ? opinion ?

google the first A.i System

Google tells you what misrepresentation content is but lied through the pandemic and censored factual information

Googles job is to program people

What is google Pro Fair

Google labels sub groups

Ml Fairness case study by google

Fairness in machine learning 1080p

The C.I.A using googles created terms from their own documents ?

updated 10-25-2022 as you read these documents listen to this new CIA Advertisement and notice the key words from inside google before that language was even being publicly used. These terms came into reality in 2020 during the BLM Riots

CIA Commercial focused at what audience the same YouTube is and using the same terminology directed at what racial group

This is an explanation on how to map a brain and control its functions used in computer terminology

Googles internal documents explaining things you didn’t hear about until the 2020 election kind of strange isnt it…….

The news and social media all said that trump was the one who coined the phrase fake news but aren’t they right now showing you they did.

As you read the below internal email
realize the racism and the manipulation and control.
they used tv and adds geared to Latinos because they thought they would not vote trump
as they had labeled him a racist. We blame trump for all this vaccine mess as well but trump is not racist
which is more racist why not give me a try or lets manipulate them to vote for who we want in office.
wait isn’t that hmmmmm

Enlarge to full screen and you can read the Latino voter manipulation bigger and clearer than before censorship isn’t going to stop us.

the vaccine is absolutely useless and we can prove that from the Pfizer CEO. Pfizer ceo our shot does not help against reinfection. So why would you get it in the first place. Moderna is suing Pfizer for changing their vaccines in mimic theirs. The lawsuit will be posted for evidence. They also added a heart drug to their child’s vaccine called Tris which is a heart attack medication to try and reduce the risk of heart attacks in children due to the vaccine. This was also removed by you tube. The Pfizer safety studies and trials 1,2 & 3 showing Pfizer lied and were very concerned over shedding and the pregnant

Wait is this what you have heard from the media on a regular basis or has it been propaganda. So he openly explains his vaccine is useless for reinfection then why do you need a fucking booster folks ?

DOD Documents that prove Joe Biden was lying through his teeth in DEC 2021, his speech and the documents

Liar or just unaware you choose

Go to page 16 from this 2020 fda document on the vaccine side effects and tells us did they tell you any ?

2013 vaccine trail participants and the study in which it states “to summarize keep away from humans.” Which was also censored by youtube.

Below will be the document that shows they studied this in 2012 ans 2013 and it killed everything it has touched and says to be extremely careful with use in humans….. why it fucking kills you

The news reports they labeled as misinformation while 100% factual are below proving they openly censored and lied about not of man for the last three + years and the censorship of truthful medical information kept from you in order to get you, to take an unapproved vaccine tested in humans in 2013 that only has 5 left alive out of the entire study.

You are not allowed to see the videos below this YouTube has deemed them censored information

Google censors Not of Man reporter Proxy News 1 over factual information. that can be fact checked in real time. Google is lying about us and censoring real information from you.

More racist shit they censored to protect this pile

Bill Gates ” we need to kill off the population to bring down co2 emissions” a little math problem from high school algebra

So our reporters issue with this is not even that they censored it. Its the fact he used the word like it was water dripping from his mouth. Devin Nunez is being quoted and we see both of them as racist. But we have more to show you about Joe and racism. We even have the speech by the pool you have tried to keep hidden. It will be added

Corn Pop was a bad dude!

The Nuremberg code violations by Face book, Twitter, and YouTube / Google. Including a social credit score for  Vaccine Hesitancy score Strangely that’s a study on the public giving each individual a number and score over their thoughts and opinions.

Let’s go back a bit and remember you couldn’t say a thing about the vaccines or you would be banned.
So watch mark Zuckerberg get on his knees look Fauci in the eyes and swallow with a smile!!!!!!!
after openly saying we don’t know what will happen it changes DNA. BTW Him and Bill Gates are extremely close so he is rather educated on these topics where Fauci has been wrong on every single thing he has ever said.

Eats it with a smile while telling you to shut up

Part 1 facebook whistleblower

Part 2 facebook whistle blower

Facebook twitter and you tube all used a form of a VH score on its users and
its explained from this whistleblower another biggie from
used with permission of course by James o’keefe by proxy.

First what you should understand is, by censoring medical information a
corporation has just violated a war crime. Censoring medical information that
could lead to your informed consent to be vaccinated. For the first time ever
you had to go to a website to get a vaccine. So you could not give consent while during or before vaccination as they only gave out FAQ sheets

Which is illegal as the medical providers are required to keep that paperwork
at all times or informed consent cannot be met. So of course they worked with
the vaccine companies to stop your ability to see the effects of or get
information for the vaccines when we has the ability to make it public they
claimed it was proprietary information so the pages are left intentionally
blank. Which is a crime as if you are being vaccinated they didn’t even have
vaccine inserts the first few months.

We tried to get all the information we could.
We had helpers and whistleblowers help us prove this one.

They worked very hard to hide what was
even in them. ( SM102 which is chloroform but had the substance name changed
to ethanol in Sept 2021 by Caymen chemicals)

We would like to point out what substance on earth has one name and suddenly
goes by a new name and has many of the side effect removed. Yet Caymen
Chemicals admits it in the vaccine.
Does being injected with Chloroform sound very safe we think not.

As Susan points out anyone who was not big global government was allowed to
speak on anything in regards to the news not even drs only government controlled

How do we know this? they censored medical Dr’s who worked in this field and
were exposing it. They called them the disinformation dozen ( This PDF Video
and File has been removed more than once.)

It does contain Sm 102

They paid influencer’s to convince you to get a shot. That’s manipulation & coercion
which is a violation of the Nuremberg code this is from J&J

Payment offer to use propaganda to sell you a vaccine. In which we refused and exposed this. As well as others but they got that check so you would take a shot. we had this on youtube and they censored it. the company was J&J eat a dick

seems to connect him directly to a C.I.A Project. Who openly have done experiments on the population without consent MK. NAOMI MK ULTRA The Tuskegee experiment. Now you should trust them I mean they have never lied about the vaccines before right…….

These were the real death records before they were censored.
YouTube outright blocks this video the second it hits upload

But YouTube wouldn’t remove history that shows they have openly lied about vaccines to the public before would they.

Yes, yes they would.

This below video was removed showing the government CDC and FDA lied about celebrities getting vaccines and more in order to get shots in arms and injured people they never had to compensate. why would this be censored

The swine flu fraud of 1976

More YouTube censorship of truthful information

They hide all the vaccine side effects from the public as long as they could but we kept a record of the videos for the people like not of mans family who have died because of this vaccine

They have censored the below link because it showed the vaccine side effects from the FDA
as the main photo now it has to stay as a link. because somehow it is no longer allowed to be embedded.
but the other is ?????? they are two different channels and some of the videos may repeat
More side effect video 2 Does this look safe and effective to anyone

This is one of our reporters channels and if you look at the top they were censored and labeled misinformation of these videos we will show you they are all real and factual.

You can see the videos they censored off Luth’s channel, a nurse who was given Bell’s palsy from the vaccine, Tiffany Dover’s death video, and proof that human DNA is in the vaccine in the form of aborted fetal tissue cells. in Pfizer & atrazenica Videos will be added below asap 10-21-22

This is Tiffany Dover one of the first people to get the vaccine. Wonder why they didnt want you to see this. Now ask yourself if this was already going on and they have censored everyone and anyone who has tried to speak about their injuries becomes censored and locked away. Are they not at fault for your injuries because you could have gotten medical information and seen first hand the effects. But remember they are not a publisher and the have section 230 so they have no right to choose what is and is not allowed to be on a platform that was intended for humans to document life on at first and turned into a monster in 2016.

another true censored video

MRC5 is aborted fetal cells used in vaccines one of the people they use is a woman who has a rapid cancer growth. They use this cancer cell because it is an immortal cell line. Cancer does not die it eats until the host is dead therefor cancer could tec live forever in a host who is unaffected by it

Wait what ???? this was safe and effective wasn’t it YouTube……..

We are adding more and more each day below you will see a mountain of evidence of more censorship from big tech and the liars who harmed you and your family for profit wait we for got to add that wanna see how much congress made off you in the pandemic. We will show it dont forget they toss Martha Stewarts ass in a cell for the same thing but.

Pelosi made over 3 million off your lack of education and harming the public

Nancy pelosi just tosses it aside like dog S. Can anyone explain to us the reason they are allowed to be criminals and kill people for profit yes we said that and we can prove it. The vaccine made them money and above you saw the deaths being censored.

What if we show you a court room with everything we are saying being talked about.

This was censored by youtube.

this was censored off YouTube.

we love you maddie and hope you get well soon and we are so sorry these people have treated you like you do not exist when you did your job and tried to help society. Now they just wanna toss you aside.

This is what maddie used to look like before the vaccine

Youtube has censored our music for years as you can see last month alone. How the fuck does that even work? Well all of these platforms work with the W.E.F So you can see we are censored by the biggest baddest fucks on the planet and we will smile on and Remember Atlas Shrugged it takes one piece in the cog to stop the machine

Now on to the proof of our censorship. We will go through a step by step guide and even be able to show you if you are on the list of people or channels censored. It’s actually beyond easy and you can show everyone how the lie constantly by allowing only comments they deem worthy. ( BTW that’s acting as a publisher and that removes section 230 from you in fact this entire page proves it)

so what platforms do you think are censoring the not of man band how about all of them connected to youtube amazon and alike they all follow along the lines of platforms that censor for the government.
instead of letting people speak like they sold it as

Wait go daddy! who is censoring our website and videos? This was our old site go daddy shut down do to the information being exposed

our old site

This was a ten year old website shut down in feb 2021


6 subs almost 0 plays monthly provable by track play data. try and type not of man into YouTube you will find nothing. double click you may see a play list depending on your location in the world. otherwise it will remain hidden unless you type directly not of man – topic which is not the name of their band its not of man. Wonder why this is being done.

Their distributor wont answer emails and YouTube removes plays and refuses to monetize their tracks even though they are copy written and id tags for monetization. The way to tell is if an ad plays before the video. That’s how all musicians make money on YouTube unless they are in an advertisement.

They have even removed plays from videos and likes we do have video evidence of all of this but we are showing enough now. Why show them doing it to us when we can show them doing it for Joe Biden sound more fun it does to us too. if you enlarge the video look at the likes dislike and dates you may need to pause it.

Finding not of man in the void

here you can see they have completely censored NoM off YouTube over ten years of music only 6 subs lol yet our music thrives on other platforms
they do not want you to listen to our music because like this site we use their words to explain the music.
Songs like C.I.A Network News, All Dem Trets N LEYES, Wake Up! (please)

please realize if this can be done to us it will be done to you and everyone else in the future, we do not care what they do to us. We want humanity to thrive and live on as these people do not. We love all of you and wish everyone the best in life, we just hope we can help before our time is up.

below is a video showing the censorship using their own systems tools. Notice that the video has 0 views well as you can see we have watched the video. It should at least have 1 and we can prove it has 0 go to the channel we also have the screenshots but we will wait to see of they add it or not.

The problem is we don’t lie and have no need too. The truth is far more fucked up and fun when people see it. Realize everything we have said we would do, we have done. Everything we said we would expose we have. With more to come. Smile Susan the game is just getting started this is what you did.

We show you that we have uploaded the evidence of the censorship of all our channels and even the bands music. In this little clip what we want you to look at is the videos that have 1 to less than 50 views those videos are hidden from you and when you read the titles you will know why

The fewer the views and the longer its been there means that they have censored or throttled the ability for viewers to see or find that video and it can only be found if someone goes to the censored channel. And decides to go through all the videos. When you see a video with very few views your first instinct is to discount it as trash as no one liked it enough to watch.

That is how they get away with all of this 190 subs on proxy and we can bet none of them have been notified in fact we will see if any have been. then post another update.

Google analytics shows that the band Not of man are the most censored in the county of free speech The United States. Very clearly this is because they sing about and can show Americans exactly what was done to you.

This was shown to us by Zach on how to watch censorship in platforms who wont actively report their actions or if they are censoring you. we actually have them allowing us to be auto searched then after we email our distributor it disappears from search suggestions. We have had many things like that happen when we speak with them.

As you can see our new website was being censored May June and July we know why it was done and once we made it known things started to change.

Go through the dates and see the reports at the time and see why it would go up and down so much and drastically

Proof that we are completely censored on YouTube and google in the three videos on google and YouTube analytics
Like this whistle blower said if you are not being shown you are actively being censored. we have video of auto completes before they started censoring us and they will be added

Why is this an American website being censored in the United States ?????????

With youtube you can see over the last five years we have gone down in searchs and views while in the search engine we are only growing larger.

We told you who shot Ashley Babit in april of 2021 and youtube kept censoring the video telling us that our research into the video and his bracelet was the smoking gun who the shooter was. They censored it over and over telling us that we were 100% correct. then the murder comes out on tv and proves us right LOL

As an example we will use one of our own songs and let you see how the censor the lyrics completely. The lyrics are actually typed in lyric genius from fans so we know that they and other channels have our very clear and specific lyrics.

The lyrics to the below video. Why do they not want you to understand / read them

Here is another song lyrics are censored on. even called foreign. But the lyrics and what is said is very clear in our mind. Lyrics from lyric genius will be added below so you can read the actual lyrics. Looks like we will need to make a lyrics page and back up our audio cuts with the actual videos as evidence.

C.I.A New Network Lyrics and song censored by youtube. if you would like to read the lyrics and laugh at the captions lyrics are also in the below video.

This song was censored by our distributor for the title and the lyrics are completely off in the captions yet they are clear visible and understandable. Why would this be. Maybe whats being said by the people in the song is what they don’t want you to fully be able to read.

This song is 100% censored off all platfroms it has every document that exposes the covid fraud over the last three years in full. Youtube completely censored this video and song. Because its exactly what they did and are doing

huh seems they don’t like what we have to say or expose should we say.

Not of Man